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8 Tips To Ace Your Sweat-Proof Makeup This Summer

Sweat proof Makeup - Maybelline India

Summer is heating up and with heat comes sweat. And yes, the moment you apply makeup, sweat decides to make an entry and somewhat ruins hours of nicely done makeup. Some of the major makeup issues in summer are cakey foundations, smudged mascara, sticky lipsticks, shiny forehead and more. Messy makeup and sweaty faces can often embarrass you. Wondering how to prevent this and achieve a well-put-together look in the heat without sweating your makeup off? The answer is – sweat-proof summer makeup. Here are some sweat-proof makeup tips to keep your face looking natural, fresh, and pretty, no matter how high the humidity gets.

1. Use the right primer

Right after moisturising your face, dive into your makeup bag to find a good primer. A primer does more than just helping your makeup last for long hours. It is responsible for prepping the right base for your face makeup without feeling like a heavy additional layer. Using a mattifying primer is one of the easiest ways to get the ball rolling and achieve an oil-free and heatproof makeup as it helps to keep excess shine at bay while blurring imperfections. 

2. Apply a light base

Remember, less is more. Makeup likes to move around when it’s hot and the best way to enjoy summer proof makeup is to limit your base makeup. Your base layers can look cakey when the formulas mix with sweat. Especially when you are wearing masks, the sweat on your face can be profuse and clog pores because of the heavy base. We recommend skipping the foundation and going straight in with the concealer for a natural finish. If possible, just use a BB cream and a concealer in paper-thin layers wherever you need it. However, if you are the one who cannot do without a foundation, opt for the one with a matte texture and finish. Not sure of your foundation shade? Use the Maybelline Foundation Finder Tool. Further, don’t forget to lock your base with compact powder as it will help to control oil, shine, and sebum on your face. Moreover, you need to choose the perfect concealer and powder shade that suits your skin tone and undertone. With the Maybelline Fit Me Finder tool, you can find your best match from the comfort of your home.

3. Ditch the powder blush

Yes, we agree that blush adds balance and healthiness to any look but using a powdering formula can make your face look cakey. To take your sweat-proof makeup up a notch, we recommend you switch to a gel or blush stain and then blend a touch of your creamy lipstick on top of it to add some vibrancy to your cheeks. 

4. Don’t miss the highlighter

Everyone loves a good, natural, and glowing complexion in the summertime but since a lot of sweat-proof makeup relies on using matte products, you might be missing the glow a bit. Highlighters are a great way to add warmth and dewiness to your sweat-proof summer makeup. This shimmering product should be applied to the high points of your face such as your nose, chin, brow bone and more, to catch the light, make your complexion shine and amp up the drama even further! 

5. Colour your eyes with sheer shades 

Rich, deep eyeshadows have their place, but they can look heavy in summer. To lighten up your summer proof makeup look, use sheer, pastel hues and let your natural complexion peek through from underneath. Light shades match the carefree vibe of summer and look good even when smudged a bit with the sweat. The bonus is that because sheer colours are subtler, you almost can’t go overboard and limit your eye makeup for humid weather with ease.

6. Opt for a waterproof mascara

When it comes to eye makeup, long-wear formulas are your only defence against sweating on a hot day. Opt for a waterproof mascara to coat your lashes from root to tip without any flakes, clumps, and smears. Make sure to also stock up on makeup removers to remove the sweat-proof makeup. 

7. Go for a matte lipstick 

Don’t forget, the soft skin on your pout is incredibly susceptible to sun damage. Begin your lip makeup by shielding your lips with a nourishing lip balm. Then, toss your creamy lipsticks with liquid matte lipsticks. Go for long-lasting, waterproof, and transfer-proof formulas that offer great coverage. And yes, if you’re unsure of the lipstick shade that will suit you the best in summers, try the Maybelline Lipstick Finder tool.

8. Finish with setting spray

It’s not the number of products you use that determine how long your makeup will last but the trick to using it. So, it is necessary to finish your makeup routine with a setting spray. The setting spray will help to seal in all the heatproof makeup products that you have used, prevent them from fading, smudging, cracking and make your makeup last until you take it off with a makeup remover. 

Finalising your sweat-proof makeup products is now easy with the Maybelline Virtual Try-On tool. This tool helps you experiment with different makeup products virtually, without any commitments. Once you are confident, keep these simple sweat-proof summer makeup tips in mind and look the best from the rest this summer! 

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