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Subtle shimmer, or a dark edgy smoke, create versatile eye makeup looks with Maybelline eyeshadow palettes. Whether you are just starting out with makeup or are already a pro, a good eyeshadow palette is a must have in your makeup kit. The Maybelline eyeshadows have everything ranging from soft gold eyeshadows to dark and bold smokey eyeshadow colours. The soft and pigmented formulas of these eyeshadow palettes are easy to apply and blend, perfect for all your eyeshadow creations.


The purpose of eyeshadows is to make your eyes pop and give it more captivating appearance. Maybelline eyeshadows are the perfect eye makeup tools that offer long-wear performance and unmatched colour payoff. The first step of applying eyeshadow is to prime your eyelids. This step creates a smooth base and ensures effortless blending and application. You must apply primer to increase the longevity of the eyeshadow on your eyelids. To pull off a gorgeous eyeshadow look, you must have the right tool aka eye makeup brush in place. Then, start building up the eyeshadow in swift sweeping motion diffusing the harsh lines and it’s done. Yes, eyeshadow is generally considered safe for the face and skin. However, to be doubly sure, you must check the expiry date to avoid any irritation or allergic reaction on eyelids. You can apply eyeshadow without a primer. However, using a base aka primer helps enhance color payoff and ensure long-wear performance of that particular shade. Yes, you can use a concealer to create the base for your eyeshadow makeup. Concealers help to build even base for effortless application and ensure the eye makeup products last long. You can choose eyeshadow palette by following the colour wheel method and choosing complementary colours like red and green, orange and blue. To create smokey and monochromatic eye looks, you can go for similar shades. Shimmer and matte eyeshadow palette can be your go-to makeup product for versatile eye looks.