Create Half-Cut Crease Eye Makeup In Just 6 Easy Steps

Half-Cut Crease Eye Makeup Look - Maybelline India

Got tired of creating the same eye makeup for every party or occasion? Let your creative juices flow and try the half-cut crease eye makeup. You can skip the traditional cut crease eye makeup look and achieve a gentle and subtle look by creating the half-cut crease. This half-cut crease eye look is a great way to upgrade your eye makeup and is super simple to do. So, if the question “How to do cut crease makeup?” still bothers you, we are here to help you out with our step-by-step guide so read on! 

Step-by-Step Guide on Half-Cut Crease Eye Makeup 

Follow the steps mentioned below to create the half-cut crease eye makeup; 

Step 1 

Before starting the half-cut crease eye makeup, it is important to prep your eyelids.  

• Use a primer to prime your lids and create a smooth base for an effortless application of eyeshadow. This will also help your eye makeup last all day without cracking or flaking. 

Step 2 

After the primer sets in place, take a fluffy brush and apply an eyeshadow shade that is darker than your skin tone.  

• Load your brush with a matte eyeshadow and buff it into your crease. Make sure you place it evenly across your lid and blend the product in well.  

• Now to create the half-cut crease eye makeup, take a slightly darker shade and place it on the outer half of your eye. Blend the shade well using windshield wiper motions and create a seamless transition. 

Step 3 

After blending the crease shade properly, you must cut your crease perfectly.  

• Take the required amount of concealer on a fine-tipped brush and place it on the inner half of your lid, working your way to the middle. Make sure you don’t cover up the shadow in your crease. The placement of concealer will create a sharp cut in the inner half of your crease.  

• After this, blend around the meeting point of the shadow and concealer slightly to get rid of any harsh lines. 

Step 4 

While doing a half-cut crease eye makeup, it is important to set the concealer in place.  

• Setting the concealer with loose powder will ensure that there is no creasing or flaking of pigment.  

• Take loose powder on a fluffy brush and gently place it on your upper lid. 

Step 5 

For the next step of this half-cut crease makeup look, take an eyeshadow colour of your choice.  

• Deepen the pigment on your lids. You can place a shimmer or loose glitter on the portion where you have applied concealer. This will help it pop and create the perfect half-cut crease eye makeup. 

Step 6 

In this last step of the half-cut crease makeup guide, simply finish your eye makeup with eyeliner, kajal, and mascara. This will make your eyes pop and complete your face makeup

If you are hesitant about trying this half-cut crease makeup look practically, you can try this eye makeup look virtually and see how it will look on you. Wondering how? By heading to the Maybelline website and trying out different shades virtually, and mix and match your eye and lip makeup.  

What’s more! You can also use the Maybelline Foundation Finder tool to virtually find the perfect foundation shade for you. And if you’re not yet sure of which makeup you should invest in, head to the Maybelline Virtual Try-On tool to virtually try a variety of makeup products. 

And there you have it! A step-by-step half-cut crease eye makeup tutorial that is sure to help you in creating the eye look of your dream. Experiment with your eyeshadow and create the perfect half-cut crease eye makeup for you! 

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