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Get a flawless look using Maybelline primer makeup and makeup setting spray. Face primers help you prep your skin and create a smooth canvas for the rest of your makeup. Use the Maybelline primer to fill your pores, create an even texture, and help your makeup last long. Set your look or refresh your makeup with our makeup fixer. Use the Maybelline setting spray as the last step in your makeup and enjoy makeup that looks fresh all day.


What primer and varnish are to a painting, face primer and  makeup spray are to your makeup. A face primer and makeup finishing spray help create a smooth base and keep the rest of your face makeup in place all day.

You are not alone if you think that primer makeup and makeup face spray are gimmicky products that don’t do anything. But hear us out! Here are all the How’s and Why’s you need to know about face primers and makeup sprays that will make you add them to your beauty arsenal right away!


When used before foundationconcealerpowder, and other face makeup products, a face primer helps you create a smooth base for the rest of your makeup. It fills in large and open pores, reduces skin texture, mattifies your face if you are using a face primer for oily skin or adds a natural dewy glow from within if you apply a face primer for dry skin, reduces redness, colour corrects hyperpigmentation, and much more. For example, the Maybelline FaceStudio Master Prime Primer Makeup is a colour correcting primer that blurs away skin concerns while also reducing redness. The active ingredients in the Maybelline Primer refine the look and feel of your makeup and also increase its longevity, making it one of the best makeup primers. If you prefer a bare face with no foundation, you can use the Maybelline face primer by itself or with just a concealer for a luminous and radiant complexion. When using a concealer for spot concealing, make sure the concealer is an exact match for your skin tone as you do not want to attract more attention to your blemishes by using a concealer that is too light or dark. Answer a few questions on the Maybelline Foundation Finder tool to get your exact concealer shade match and test the shade out in real-time using the Maybelline Virtual Try-On tool. This tool will help you choose ideal products without you having to pay any of the concealers or face primer price. (for the lips, try the Maybelline Lipstick Finder tool)

Here is how to apply the Maybelline Primer to get the most out of it –

1. Apply all your skincare products before going in with the face primer and give the products a couple of minutes to get completely absorbed into the skin.

2. Take a small pea-sized amount of the Maybelline Primer and start by applying it in the centre of your face, where people usually tend to have larger and open pores and work your way outwards.

3. Make sure you apply a very thin layer of the primer; more is not always better!

4. Wait for a few minutes for the face primer to dry and then continue with the rest of your face makeup as usual.


Setting your face makeup, eye makeup, and lip makeup is a really important step in your makeup routine. The Maybelline Facestudio Lasting Fix Makeup Setting Spray not only helps all your makeup blend together seamlessly but also prevents it from slipping and sliding around your face throughout the day. The ultra-light formula of the Maybelline setting spray controls excess shine gives your makeup a natural matte finish, and sets makeup in place, leaving behind no room for touch-ups.

But did you know that there is a correct way to spritz the makeup finishing spray on your face? Read on to learn more –

1. Always shake the bottle before spraying it on your face. When left standing on your vanity, the ingredients and particles inside the makeup spray can separate, so don’t forget to give it a good shake before every application.

2. Hold the bottle eight to ten inches away from your face and ensure that your eyes are gently closed. Holding the bottle too close to your face will cause the setting spray to land on your face in a wet and blotchy mess. To keep the mist of the makeup setting spray fine and uniform, make sure to hold it at a distance.

3. Spritz the setting spray around four to six times, covering your entire face and wait for the product to dry. Avoid spraying directly into your eyes and lips.