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Whether you want to create a bold smoky eye or a sharp winged eyeliner look, achieve every style with Maybelline eyeliners. Create perfect, ultra-blendable lines with our eyeliner pencils or add some drama with the gel eyeliners. Our range of liquid, pens, and waterproof eyeliners can create a dark, intense line for dramatic eye impact or smudge on a softer line to create the ultimate smoky eye. Even if you are new to eyeliner makeup, our easy to use eyeliners will help you get crisp and clean lines, every time - all you need is a little bit of practice!


An eyeliner is used to define the eyes by enhancing their shape, creating the illusion of larger or more defined eyes, and adding depth and intensity to the lash line for various makeup looks and styles.

You can choose eyeliner colours based on your eye colour—contrasting shades like brown for blue eyes, purple eyeliner for green eyes, and earthy tones for brown eyes. For versatility, classic black or brown suits most eye colours and makeup styles. Additionally, use the Maybelline Virtual-Try-On tool to try a variety of eyeliner shades online, from the comfort of your home, without having to spend a penny!

The Maybelline eyeliner price varies from product to product starting from a reasonable rate of Rs.249 and going up to Rs.550 depending on your likes and needs. From budget-friendly eyeliners to luxury ones, Maybelline has it all!

To create the winged eyeliner look, start with a thin line along the lashes, and extend upwards from the outer corner, creating a flick. Connect the flick to the line, adjusting the thickness gradually. Experiment with angles and use tape or cards for precision.

Gel eyeliners typically come in pots and have a creamy texture, allowing for precise lines or smudging, while pencil eyeliners are solid sticks designed for ease of use, blending, and varying line thicknesses along the lash line.

Blue eyeliner complements various eye colours, especially brown or hazel eyes, adding depth and vibrancy. It can brighten the eyes and create a striking contrast. You can use the Virtual-Try-On tool to experiment with a variety of shades to suit different skin tones and styles.

Maybelline offers liquid waterproof eyeliners in various collections like the Hyper Glossy Liquid Liner, and Tattoo Studio Dip In Eyeliner which provide long-lasting wear and resistance against water, sweat, and smudging.