Virtual Try On Tool

Finding the perfect eye makeup, face makeup and lip makeup just got easier with the NEW Maybelline Virtual Try On tool.


Steps to Use Our "Virtual Try On" For A Virtual Makeover


1. On your computer or mobile device, head to the Virtual Try On tool and use either the Live Camera or Upload Photo option to get started with your virtual makeover.

2. Browse the different categories of makeup products and select the products you want to try.

3. The makeup tool also features a slider so you can see a before and after in real time and even see half of your face bare-faced and half your face with makeup.

4. Use the Compare feature on the Virtual Try On tool to compare up to 4 makeup products or shades at once.

5. Use the Virtual Try On tool to test products individually or give yourself a full face of virtual makeup!


Tips To Keep In Mind While Trying The Virtual Makeup Tool


1. Find Good Lighting

Use the Virtual Try On tool in a well-lit room to get the best results. Sitting in front of a bright light source like a window will make you look washed out whereas a dark room will make your image grainy and won’t match the colours correctly.


2. Go Bare Face

Having traces of foundation or concealer is going to alter the resulting appearance of the face makeup. Similarly, trying a nude lipstick on the makeup tool while you have a purple one on will not accurately reflect the colour of the nude lipstick.