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Lip Balm

Upgrade your lip care and say goodbye to dry and chapped lips with Maybelline lips balms. Our nourishing lip balms heal and soothe lips while also protecting your pout from the sun. Try the tinted Maybelline Baby Lips lip balm for a soft “your lips but better” look.


Lip balms are crucial for maintaining soft, hydrated lips by preventing dryness, chapping, and potential discomfort. They nourish, protect, and restore the delicate skin on the lips, ensuring overall lip health. Using lip balm daily helps maintain lip hydration and health, especially in dry or changing weather conditions. It also helps to protect the lips from the harsh UV rays of the sun. Hence, it is recommended to use lip balm daily. Lip balm doesn't directly remove dark pigmentation from lips. However, regular use of a hydrating lip balm may prevent further darkening by keeping lips moisturised and protected. For addressing existing pigmentation, specific treatments or ingredients targeting dark spots may be necessary. Lip balm typically doesn't permanently change lip colour to pink. However, tinted lip balms may temporarily impart a subtle pinkish hue. Their primary function is to moisturise and protect, while some may offer a sheer tint for a natural-looking pinkish tone. Both lipstick and lip balm serve different purposes. Lipstick adds colour and sometimes moisture, emphasising aesthetics. Lip balm primarily hydrates and protects lips. The choice depends on the desired outcome—colour enhancement or moisture and lip care. Using SPF lip balm at night isn't necessary as it's designed for sun protection. Instead, opt for a regular hydrating lip balm without SPF for nighttime use. SPF isn't essential in the absence of sun exposure during night-time hours. Yes, Maybelline offers tinted lip balms in various shades. These balms provide both hydration and a subtle tint, offering a hint of colour to enhance natural lip tones while keeping the lips moisturised and soft. The Maybelline lip balm typically falls within the price range of Rs. 175 to Rs. 180, varying based on variants and features. This range offers affordability while accommodating different preferences, ensuring accessible lip care options for varied needs and budgets.