Fit Me Fresh Tint

Fit Me Fresh Tint
Fit Me Fresh Tint

Get ready to enjoy makeup and skincare benefits packed in one vial. Yes, you read it right! Maybelline Fit Me Fresh Tint is an innovative product that combines the goodness of makeup and skincare. Maybelline Fit Me Fresh Tint is a 2-in-1 makeup + skincare skin tint that delivers a fresh, bright look with natural coverage. What’s more! This high-end Maybelline skin tint offers added benefits of sun protection with SPF 50, and skin brightening effects (thanks to the presence of vitamin C). Engineered with a lightweight kind-to-skin formula, the Maybelline Fresh Tint glides on easily to leave a matte, natural finish, and radiant look. Made for daily use, Maybelline Tinted SPF is available in six shades and should be a must-have for every go-getter!

Maybelline Fit Me Fresh Tint is a multi-purpose product that loads your skin with makeup + skincare benefits in one swipe. Wondering what are the makeup advantages this product stores for you? This Maybelline skin tint boasts a kind-to-skin formula that gets absorbed easily into the skin and leaves you with a naturally soft matte finish and beaming skin. Maybelline Fresh Tint packs extraordinary skincare virtues, especially for you. By applying Maybelline Fit Me Fresh Tint, you can get optimal sun protection with its SPF 50 formula. Additionally, this face tint is enriched with vitamin C that helps brighten your skin.

Step 1: Take the required amount of Maybelline Fit Me Fresh Tint and dab it all over your cleansed and dry face. 


Step 2: Blend the Maybelline Face Tint perfectly using your fingers or a foundation brush in an upward sweeping motion and you would get natural coverage and skincare benefits. 


After finishing your face makeup using Maybelline Fit Me Fresh Tint, you can move forward to finishing your eye makeup and lip makeup. Kajal, eyeliner, and mascara are the basic tools that you can use to complete your eye makeup look. For your pout game, you can choose lipstick, lip gloss, or even lip balm. To finalise your makeup look and decide how the product looks on you, you can head to the Maybelline Virtual Try On tool that allows you to choose face makeup, eye makeup, and lip makeup products virtually in just a few clicks. 


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You can choose Maybelline Fit Me Fresh Tint shades by utilising the Maybelline Virtual Try On tool. This tool lets you try various face makeup products like Maybelline Skin Tint and other eye makeup and lip products virtually. You can upload your photo, or use model, or take a selfie to virtually try out various shades of Maybelline Fit Me Fresh Tint. Compare the before and after images, and try this process with all the shades to get the one that best suits your skin tone.

The primary difference between a skin tint and a foundation lies in their texture and coverage. Skin tints come with lightweight formula and provide natural coverage or finish without coating your natural complexion completely. Foundations have thicker consistency and offer medium-to-high coverage. 

No, skin tint is not like a BB cream. BB cream aka ‘beauty balm’ or ‘blemish balm’ offers enhanced coverage than skin tint but is lighter than a foundation. On the other hand, skin tints deliver natural coverage and provide other skin benefits like sun protection and more. Those who prefer minimal makeup can try Maybelline Fit Me Fresh Tint. The kind-to-skin formula of this skin tint provides a natural matte finish and radiant look. Additionally, the SPF 50 ensures superior sun protection and the presence of vitamin C makes sure you get bright skin in no time.

Skin tint and BB cream both come with skin-friendly formulas and benefit the skin in numerous ways. Hence, the choice of products lies at your discretion. However, if you are someone looking for products that offer minimal coverage and other benefits like skin brightening and sun protection, then you can opt for skin tints like Maybelline Fit Me Fresh Tint. This face tint is notable for delivering natural coverage, sun protection, and bright skin.

Yes, you can use a tinted moisturiser every day. These products usually have a lightweight texture and are loaded with hydrating ingredients that easily blend into the skin to provide natural coverage and extend a healthy look.

Yes, Maybelline Fresh Tint has sunscreen properties, i.e., SPF 50 that help it safeguard your skin from the harmful effects of sun rays.