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Get a flawless-looking natural matte finish with the range of Maybelline Face Powders. Maybelline powders are formulated to blur your pores and control your shine through the day. Use our powder makeup on top of your foundation and concealer to achieve a smooth and beautiful complexion. Maybelline offers loose powders as well as pressed powders. Our loose powders are finely milled and perfectly set your makeup! Maybelline pressed powders help to seal in your makeup, and are also perfect to touch up on the go!


Face powder is a makeup product applied to the face after foundation or concealer. It sets makeup, controls shine, and creates a matte finish. It helps to minimize the appearance of pores, reduces oiliness, and enhances makeup's longevity, resulting in a smoother, more polished complexion.

To apply face powder, use a brush, sponge, or puff to lightly apply the product in a pressing or sweeping motion. Focus on the T-zone and areas prone to shine. Blend well and remove excess product. This sets makeup and provides a matte finish.

The best way to apply face powder is as the final step of your base makeup routine, after foundation and concealer. This sets your base in place, controls shine and provides a finished look. You can go for touch-ups as and when required to reduce oiliness or refresh your makeup. Avoid excessive reapplication to prevent a cakey appearance.

Yes, you can use face powder daily. We recommend opting for a non-comedogenic, lightweight formula to prevent breakouts and skin irritation. Moreover, ensure proper makeup removal at night to allow your skin to breathe and avoid clogged pores.

Maybelline face powders offer several benefits: they provide a matte finish, control shine, and enhance makeup longevity. They are made of a non-comedogenic, lightweight formula, making them a popular choice for both makeup enthusiasts and beginners. Additionally, the diverse shade range accommodates various skin tones.

The Maybelline Fit Me Loose Finishing Powder is a good choice for dry skin as its lightweight, hydrating formula will not accentuate dryness. Using this face powder for dry skin will offer a subtle, natural finish while helping to set makeup and reduce shine without making the skin feel uncomfortable.

Loose powder is finely milled and typically translucent, offering a lightweight, sheer finish. It's suitable for setting makeup, especially in areas prone to shine. On the other hand, pressed powder is compact and offers more coverage. It's convenient for touch-ups on the go and often provides a matte finish with a slightly heavier texture.