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Tips For Applying Face Powder Makeup

Tips For Applying Face Powder Makeup

After doing your face makeup it is important to set it with some powder to make sure it stays in place all day. There are several types of powders to choose from like a compact powder, a loose powder, a mattifying powder or even a pore blurring powder. We are here to help you choose the best face powder for your requirement and give you some tips and tricks on the best way to apply it.

1. Compact Powder

A compact powder is popular for being a staple makeup product in every mother’s handbag. Compact powders are the perfect type of powder to touch up when on the go. It is pressed into a pan and can be used to get rid of the excess oil and sweat on your face. A compact powder also adds light coverage to your skin and evens out your complexion. On days when you want to opt for light makeup, you can just use some concealer and compact powder to do your base makeup. A compact powder is one of the best face powders for people with normal to oily skin. Simply use the sponge in the compact case and apply an even layer of the Maybelline face powder across your face.

2. Loose Powder

A loose powder is a miracle product that is one of the best types of face powders. It is mainly used as a setting powder to set your makeup in place and prevent it from creasing. A loose powder is finely milled to provide a seamless and lightweight finish. Loose powder is commonly used for baking your makeup. After you apply your foundation, concealer and contour you can move to the step of baking your making into place. To choose the right shade of foundation and concealer, you can use the Maybelline Foundation Finder Tool. With the help of this tool, you can try different foundation shades virtually and pick one that fits you perfectly.

Baking is a method where you apply the loose powder mainly on your T-zone and under your eyes. It is commonly applied to the parts of your face where you tend to get shiny. After applying a thin and even layer of the loose powder you have to let it sit for 5-15 minutes on your face. Your body heat then allows the makeup to “bake” or oxidize while absorbing all the excess oil on your face. This helps your skin stay matte all day and prevents any creasing of foundation and concealer.

Loose powder is usually available in several colours and adds a bit of coverage to your face as well. People also use translucent powder to set their makeup in place, and if they don’t want any additional coverage. Translucent powder is simply a loose powder with no colour or tint to it. Using loose powder makeup helps your base last longer and also keeps you looking fresh all day. You can apply the loose powder by using a fluffy powder brush or your makeup sponge. A powder brush is more convenient to use to reapply some loose powder when on the go.

3. Pressed powder

Pressed powder is used to mattify your skin and visibly reduce the appearance of your pores. Pressed powders have good coverage which also helps you even out your skin tone. You can achieve a similar effect by using a pressed powder or a loose powder. However, it can be very tricky to apply a loose powder on the go. A pressed powder is a semi-solid product that adds the perfect coverage and is easy to use when out and about. You can use a pressed powder as a setting powder and also mattify your skin on the go. Using a powder brush or puff, simply dust the pressed powder on your face lightly. Be careful to not go too overboard with this as it may end up looking cakey. You can use a few sprays of setting spray to lock in the matte look after applying pressed powder.

4. Two way Cake Powder

A two way cake powder is also popularly known as a wet or dry powder. These powders come in a compact are very versatile to use. These powders have higher coverage and when wet, can be used wet to even out your skin tone. If you want to touch up your makeup or set your under eyes, you can use this face powder in a dry manner. When wet, the two way cake powder gives higher coverage. Whereas when used dry, it gives more sheer and lightweight coverage. This powder also helps you reduce the appearance of your pores and gives your skin a poreless finish.

Setting your base makeup using powder makeup gives you a smooth and matte finish without looking too cakey. After applying powder to set your base you can move on to the next step in your makeup routine and apply some blush and highlighter to your cheeks. You can use the Maybelline Virtual Try On tool and try these products virtually. You can try different shades of lipstick, blush, highlighter, eye shadow, etc and buy the ones you like the best.

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