Makeup Tips And Hacks That Can Improve Your Skills

Makeup Tips and Makeup Hacks - Maybelline India

There isn't a right or wrong way to do your makeup. But if there are makeup hacks that can make your routine simpler, no harm, no foul right? The internet is full of makeup tips for beginners that claim to make your makeup look better. While some are useful, some are completely bogus. We have filtered through those makeup tips and listed down a few makeup hacks that are foolproof. These makeup hacks are sure to enhance your face makeup, eye makeup, and lip makeup

1. Add loose powder to your lashes

Do you also have scanty lashes that need added falsies for the full lash effect? We feel your pain and are here with a solution. Before you use your mascara, here’s an easy makeup tip to enhance your eye makeup look. Simply take some of your face powder on a fluffy eyeshadow brush. Carefully dust this powder on your lashes. Apply thick coats of mascara on your lashes after this. This will add much more volume and drama to your lashes. Adding some loose powder to your lashes has the same effect as using lash fiber mascara. It coats your lashes and creates fuller and fluttery lashes. Add some eyeliner and kajal to complete your eye look and to define your eyes. 

2. Set your lipstick to make it last longer

If you're someone who licks your lips a lot, it can be very difficult for you to make any lipstick last for a long time. We have an effective makeup trick that will make your lipstick last longer. Start by using a lip liner to line your lips. You can use the lip contouring makeup hack if you want a fuller pout. After this, use liquid lipstick to fill in your lips. You can top this up with a creamy lipstick of the same shade. This will make your lip colour last longer and fade away much more slowly. 


After this, take some loose powder on a fluffy brush. Place a tissue on your lips and dust the powder over your lips. This will mattify your creamy lipstick and also set it in place. With this makeup hack, your lipstick will last all day and not smudge or transfer. 

3. DIY strobing cream

Applying some strobing cream under your foundation and concealer can add an ethereal glow to your makeup look. However, not everyone has a strobing cream on hand. In such cases, this super simple makeup trick will come to your rescue. Just take some of your lip balm in a dish and add a very small scraping of your rose gold shimmery eyeshadow of highlighter to it. Mix them well with your finger or with the back of a clean makeup brush. Once the balm and eyeshadow/highlighter are well blended, you can apply it under your base makeup. This will give you the same effect as a strobing cream and give you a glow from within. 

4. Brow cheat codes

We all know that well-done eyebrows can totally change the way your final makeup looks. It can add structure to your face and shape your face. But doing your eyebrows just right can be a little tricky. We are here with a few makeup tips that will give you natural and full-looking eyebrows. 


• Begin by using a spoolie to brush out your eyebrows. This will open them up and help you fill them well. 


• While choosing the colour of your eyebrow pencil, choose a colour that is slightly lighter than the natural colour of your hair. This gives you a more natural effect and doesn't make your eyebrows too stark looking. 


• The final step would be to take your mascara brush and remove the excess product from it. Lightly brush your eyebrows in place with your mascara wand. The product in the tube will set it in place and won't let your eyebrows move. 

5. Highlight the inner corner of your eyes

This simple makeup trick can change your makeup game and take it to the next level. If your eyes are looking puffy and droopy, this is the hack for you. After you're done with your eye makeup, simply take your highlighter and pop it in the inner corner of your eyes. This slight shimmer will pop your eyes and make them look more open. 


However, while doing your makeup, it is important to have your basics right. While building your makeup vanity, it is important to choose the right products before buying them. Here are two tools you can use to help choose the right products. 


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So, there you have it, a list of makeup hacks and tricks that will make your makeup simpler and easier to do.