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Bring out your glow and shine like a star with the Maybelline highlighters. Our face highlighters are perfect for shining a spotlight on your features and enhancing your natural radiance. Enjoy a luminous glow-from-within look or be extra with our face illuminator. Subtle or sparkly, it’s your time to shine with the different shades of Maybelline face highlighters.


A highlighter is a makeup product that adds an illuminating touch to your makeup look. The shimmery powder gives definition to your facial features and reflects light to create a glowing, vibrant makeup look.

Powder highlighter and liquid highlighter are two of the most common types of the shimmer. You can also explore highlighter sticks, cream highlighter, loose highlighter, and a pressed highlighter palette. It is important to determine your skin tone and undertone to find a highlighter that suits your face. Try mauves and bronze highlighters for warmer skin tones and light pinks and peaches for cooler skin undertones. You can use gentle soaps and cleansers to wash off a highlighter at the end of the day. If you are using a waterproof highlight, you can use an oil-based cleanser to clean your skin. A highlighter will bounce off the light effectively if you apply it on the high points of your skins. Elevated areas such as the cheek bones, nose bridge, brow bridge, top of the chin, collar bone, and even cupid’s bow are good places to add shimmer and definition. A highlighter adds shimmer and glow to your makeup to make it look more radiant. It also reflects light from your makeup to accentuate your face shape and structure. It's a ‘must-have’ glam for long outdoor days or a night out amidst the city lights. Absolutely! Using highlighter directly on the skin creates a more muted glow on your face. Using a foundation or a skin tint, on the other hand, might make the shimmer stand out more after evening out your skin surface.