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Flawless looks are made possible by the best face makeup products Maybelline has to offer. Perfect blush shades, subtle foundations, concealers, primers and face contouring makeup to help you put on the right look no matter what side of yourself is stepping out.

Maybelline Face Makeup - Put On Your Winning Face

Everyone should have the power to wear their skin in the way they want. With the Maybelline Face Makeup range, this power is easy to wield. Be it your skin’s texture, vibrance, or complexion, the face makeup products at Maybelline blend in to bring out your distinctive beauty. The lightwear yet long lasting face makeup products can be your companion like no other, keeping your look intact through the day. Created with highly versatile foundation shades, the Maybelline face makeup does its job for you no matter your skin tone. The creamy face cosmetics such as the Maybelline highlighter and blushers help you finish a look stylised for every occasion. Let all the charms of a flawless, radiant skin come easy to you with Maybelline face makeup. 

How to do your Makeup with Maybelline Face Makeup Products

Face makeup essentially becomes the structure for the rest of your products to fall onto. Pick a perfect shade of face cosmetics and you can bank on getting a winning look before the makeup even begins. The next thing you go looking for is a stronghold within your face makeup. Avoid any melting colours or half done looks with a long stay, waterproof face makeup. Lastly, you will almost always get it right if your face makeup blends well. Half the battle is won once you get your hands on easy blending face cosmetics. Next half is when the layering of your face makeup comes into play. This easy, step-by-step face makeup guide will help you get a smooth, well-finished look in a breeze. 

Step 1 – Prime your Face

A primer creates an even base for the rest of your face makeup to slide onto. Use a matte, oil control primer on your face and neck and wait for it to absorb.  

Step 2 – Apply a base

One can’t imagine face makeup without this step. Use a makeup brush, sponge, or your fingers to apply a thin, even layer of this face makeup, don’t forget your neck! Avoid piling on many layers of foundation to avoid looking cakey or heavy. Depending on the coverage you desire, Maybelline foundations are available in a buildable medium as well as high-pigment full coverage levels. 


Tip - If you are not big on wearing a sturdy layer of face makeup, you can always opt for something breezy like a skin tint. 

Step 3 – Conceal

Take a few drops and lightly blend the concealer into the spots you want to smoothen on your face and neck. Use small tapping motions. Let the product sink in before you proceed with other face cosmetics.  

Step 4 – Powder in your look

This step of face makeup is like airbrushing in real life. You can gently dab in the powder to blur away your pores. You can also use the Maybelline face powder or foundation with just the concealer for a ‘no makeup’ makeup. 

Step 5 – Bring in the colour

Apply a light wash of your favourite Maybelline blush on your cheeks, across your nose, the outer perimeter of your forehead, and on your chin to add a natural looking flush. Don’t go overboard with the blush as it can make your face makeup look loud and unnatural. 

Step 6 – Highlight

Highlight the peaks of your face, such as the nose bridge, eyebrows, cupid’s bow, and even the chin to give your face makeup a sharp definition and shape.  

Step 7 – Set it

You can experiment with your eye and lip makeup after nailing a perfect face makeup look. Once done, you can seal off the entire look with a few mists of a setting spray. This process keeps your face makeup looking fresh through the day, keeping it free from smudging and smearing.  


NOTE - Finding a particular face makeup product of your specific shade need not be all that difficult. Find your perfect face makeup online with only a few clicks, using the Maybelline Foundation Finder Tool. 

Maybelline Face Makeup Range

Primer Maybelline Fit Me Primer Makeup

Keeping your face makeup intact through the day is no longer a distant dream. Seal your pores away and grip onto the layers of face cosmetics that are to come. Give your skin a fine finished texture before you use any face cosmetics. The oil control primer blurs your pores and fits into oily skin textures to give a great support to your face makeup. The Maybelline Fit Me Dewy Smooth Primer is infused with vitamin E to keep your skin moisturised. Holding your face makeup for up to 16 hours, the primer gives a dewy smooth glaze to normal and dry skin types.  


As the name suggests, the foundation smoothens out the canvas for the rest of your face makeup. You can cover up any unevenness, blemishes, or scars on your face. The lightweight face cosmetics by Maybelline help you do so. Infused with 16 h oil-control, the matte foundation gives a natural glow to your skin making it a daily face makeup essential. Available in 18 shades, the foundation caters to all Indian skins and even comes in a travel friendly tube. The SuperStay 24 h full coverage foundation by Maybelline face makeup is a lightweight foundation with saturated colour pigments. The non-comedogenic liquid foundation stays with you through the day without clogging your pores. If you’re not the one for elaborate face makeup, the Maybelline Fit me Fresh Tint that combines the pigment of a foundation with SPF and enriching Vitamin C. The weightless skin tint gives you an even, matte skin in a single layer. 


Be it dark circles, acne, or anything you name, a concealer can hide away anything you want. This step of your face makeup takes away attention from the parts of your face you wish to conceal. Infused with Goji Berry and Haloxyl, the Instant Age Rewind concealer by Maybelline gives you a reviatlised and rested look immediately. With its micro corrector applicator, the lightweight face makeup concealer seamlessly smooths over any fine lines or blemishes. In 9 versatile shades, the concealer is the secret to a crease free, young looking face makeup. If an oil-free formula is your sine qua non, the Maybelline Fit Me Concealer is your answer. Be it oily skin or dry, the natural coverage concealer makes for a perfect face cosmetic. The dermatologically tested face makeup flawlessly veils dark circles, redness, flaws, and blemishes while camouflaging with your skin. 


With a solid face makeup in place, the fun is about to begin! A blush adds colour to your face makeup, making you look healthy and young within seconds. Dab in the Maybelline Fit MeMono Blush if you are looking for an all day colour to adorn your face makeup. The true to tone blusher is an immaculate face cosmetic if you are looking for makeup that looks just natural enough. The Fit Me Mono blush gives you a smooth, pigmented application and keeps your face makeup looking vibrant for several hours. 


There’s no better way to keep your face makeup from falling over than a finishing powder. A face powder on top of your base face makeup products sets the look in place, controls shine, and also adds some additional coverage. The Maybelline Fit Me Loose Finishing Powder adds a soft colour to your glamour while giving it a naturally fresh finish. You can keep your face makeup from looking cakey or oily with just a few dabs. Powders can be doubled in as a daily touch up product. The Fit Me Matte + Poreless Compact Powder by Maybelline is your go-to option If you wish to wear something light for the everyday run. With SPF 32 PA+++ and UV filters, the face makeup powder keeps your look intact and skin protected. Get the airbrushed, even look effortlessly with the Fit Me Ultimate and Poreless Pressed powders by Maybelline face makeup. The Perlite Mineral technology in the face makeup powder absorbs oil to mattify skin with its blurring micro-powders. 


With shades catered from dark to light skin tones, the FaceStudio Master Chrome Highlighter brings the best out of your face makeup. The pearly highlighter helps you pull focus to the right spots and gives your face makeup a sculpted structure. It also illuminates your look by controlling how light reflects off of your face makeup look. Give your face makeup an unmatchable creamy sheen with the Maybelline highlighter. 

Setting Spray

It's a shame to watch an intricate face makeup melt off. After putting in all the efforts for a flawless face, secure it quickly with the Fit Me Matte + Poreless Setting Spray. Rich in oil control and soothing witch hazel, the face makeup setting spray sits gently on all skin types. The lightweight spray stops face cosmetics from transferring onto other fabrics, keeping your glamour intact for long hours. Grab the face cosmetic essentials, primer and setting spray, at Maybelline. 

Put On Your Winning Face

With a fine finished face makeup, feel free to experiment with your eye makeup and lip makeup. Try out the millions of possible combinations with Maybelline’s versatile range from the comfort of your home. The Maybelline Virtual Try-On Tool lets you try different shades of lip gloss, matte lipsticks, or even tinted lip balms online with a simple picture. You can also use a camera and try out eyeliner looks, kajal, eyeshadows, or even eyebrow makeup without having to go through the trouble of removing makeup repeatedly. Gone are the days of swatching. You can find your precise shades with the Maybelline Foundation Finder Tool to have flawless face makeup.   


You can start off your face makeup by using a primer. You can layer it in with face cosmetics such as a base foundation, followed by a concealer, and a setting powder. If you prefer going light, you can simply use a skin tint after priming to get an even tone skin. Make sure you cleanse your face and apply a face makeup primer. You can then build a foundation layer to even out your skin. Follow it with a concealer to veil any blemishes or marks you wish to conceal. Make sure you set the face makeup with a powder. You can proceed to sculpt your face with a bronzer, highlighter, and a blush! You require an elaborate base layer of foundation for a full face of makeup. You can dab in a concealer after that to cover up any pigmentation. Make sure you also apply the face cosmetics on your neck to get a natural, even look. Blend in a setting powder. Bronzer, highlighter, and blusher to stand out. Absolutely! Secure your pores and skin with a lightweight primer before you begin your face makeup. Use dermatologically tested and comedogenic free face cosmetics. Seal off your face makeup with a setting spray to keep it fresh and oil free. After priming, you can start out with using a foundation to give your face makeup an even base. You can move onto covering any unwanted marks by using a concealer. You can use a face powder, bronzer, highlighter, blusher, and a contour to get a full face makeup. Getting your eye makeup and lip makeup in place is also important for a full face. Finally, seal it away with a setting spray. Understand your skin tones and undertones before buying face makeup. You can do it simply by looking at your veins, where bluer veins suggest cool undertones green ones suggest warmer undertones. Swatch the products on your jawline and pick the face makeup shade closest to your skin.