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Blush Makeup

When it comes to makeup, don’t underestimate the power of blusher! Whatever your skin tone, the Maybelline New York blush palette and powder blush will give your cheeks a naturally flushed look. Our cream blush colours perfectly match different skin tones to give your complexion a pop of colour that makes your skin look fresh and healthy. Whether you want to go for a bold look or add just a hint of colour for those light, natural days – the Maybelline creamy blushes will suit your every mood!


A makeup blush gives the appearance of a natural flush to your cheeks. It makes your skin appear, fresh, youthful, and in the pink of health! It also softens your cheeks to enhance your face shape. While it has historically been referred to as rouge, the French word for the colour ‘red’, you can refer to it as both blush and blusher. The age old cosmetic product also finds its roots in Egyptian and Roman civilisations. Creating the look of a natural blush is easy. You simply need to powder on a colour best suited to your skin after finishing the base layer of your makeup. You can also check out simple routines that make use of blush makeup. The Indian skin tones are one of the most versatile. Peachy blushes, soft pinks, and even a light purple blush can be the safest bet to match with the Indian skin undertones. You can also experiment with bronzy shades that will compliment the yellow and golden undertones. It is important to understand which umbrella your skin tone and undertone fall under. You can determine these by doing simple tests like looking at the colour of your veins. Those with greenish veins might have warmer undertones and those with bluish veins have cooler ones. A powder blush is ideal for oily skin. It sits lightly on your cheeks and even soaks in any excessive oil during the day. A powder blush works well for beginners since it does not get heavy or cakey. You can also easily blend in a creamy powder blush using soft makeup brushes. Definitely! A blush makeup appears to be more vibrant and cleaner after you have perfect the base layer makeup. Yes! A blush makeup adds subtle, natural colour to your cheeks that accentuates your skin’s natural tone. It sits lightly on your face, making it the perfect everyday product to perk up your face instantly! To avoid any build ups or clogging, ensure that you are protecting your face with a mattifying primer that closes off pores before you start makeup.