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Create a flawless makeup base and put your best face forward with these face makeup ideas and tips. From choosing the right full coverage foundation to learning how to apply concealer to hide your blemishes, these step-by-step makeup tutorials, guides, and hacks are perfect for everyone and even absolute beginners.
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    Start off by selecting your face makeup products according to your skin tones and undertones. If you are not following a reference, then go on to analyse a general theme for your makeup. Finally start out with a base layer of foundation, concealer, and setting powder. Use a blush, highlighter, and bronzer to contour. Dewy, matte, natural, pastel, airbrushed, and many many more. Sky's the limit for different makeup looks as long as you are equipped with the right face makeup products. Check out the different combinations and create your personalised makeup look online with Maybelline foundation Finder and Virtual Try-On tool. Start off with creating a light base layer with a foundation suited to your skin tone. Cover up any unwanted blemishes with a concealer and achieve an even tone. Use a blusher, contour, and bronzer to give structure to your face. Finally seal off your look with a setting spray. Cleanse and use a primer before you start off with your face makeup look. Use green, purple, and orange concealers to colour correct any redness or blemishes on your face. Never over do it with bronzers, highlighters, and blushers to avoid clown makeup. Check out the Maybelline face makeup guide to check out top face makeup tips. Mix a moisturizer with foundation for a natural, dewy look. Try to make upside down triangles under your eyes with the concealer. Use a highlighter on the highest points on your face to let light reflect seamlessly from your face makeup look. Start by determining your skin tone, undertone, and complexion. Test foundations against your jawline and opt for a concealer one shade lighter than your foundation shade. Find a shade palette that compliments the colour of your eyes, face, and hair. Close off by contouring to sculpt the unique features of your face.