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How do I apply lipstick? How to find perfect nude lipstick for my complexion? What lipstick color will go well with my green dress? Do I need a special lip care routine? Find out the answers to these and so many more questions right here!
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    Start off your lip makeup look with a lip balm or primer. Line your pout with a darker shade of lip liner and paint in with your favourite lipstick. Top it off with some lip gloss to add plump and glitter to your lips. Overline the crease of your lips with a dark liner and use the liner to fill in the gap. Colour in with a lighter lipstick to give your pout a fuller look. Use highlighter on your cupid’s bow to add definition to your lips. Seal it off with some lip gloss to make your lips appear fuller and plumper. Absolutely! Using foundation gives your lip makeup look an even tone and makes your lip makeup shades pop more. You can start with a primer to even out creases and follow it with a foundation to create a perfect base for your lip makeup. Finding an optimum shade is the most important step of acing a lip makeup look. Start off with priming your lips. Use a lip balm or a primer. Overline your lips with a dark lip liner. Follow it with a lipstick of your choice and add a glaze with lip gloss. Understand your skin tones and undertones to find lip colour shades that suit you the best. You can try out the numerous shades from Maybelline lip makeup products using the Virtual Try-On tool.