4 Creative Ways to Use Your Red Lipstick

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Red lipstick is a staple in everyone’s makeup vanity. And, you can never go wrong while doing makeup with red lipstick, regardless of which shade of red you’re going for. In fact, no matter what look you’re planning to go for, a red lipstick can instantly brighten up your mood and look and make it super bold. While experimenting with different shades of red lipstick surely is fun, how about we introduce you to certain red lipstick hacks that you can try using the same tube of lipstick. Here are 4 different ways to use lipstick, in this case, red lipstick specifically. So, grab your red lipstick tube and learn these four creative ways of using it while doing your makeup.  

Different ways to use lipstick

Here are four red lipstick hacks that you wish you had known before; 

1. As a Blush

Applying blush is a great way to add colour to your cheeks. It adds a youthful glow to your look and instantly brightens up your look. However, while travelling or when you are on the go, it can be inconvenient to carry multiple products. This is where red lipstick comes in handy. Swipe some red lipstick on your bare skin or apply it on top of your foundation for a flush of colour. It gives your skin the perfect flushed look. So, what are you waiting for? Complete your blush makeup with red lipstick if you prefer to carry minimal makeup while travelling or have run out of blush.  

2. As a Colour corrector

If you’re wondering, “How to use red lipstick to cover dark circles?” we are here to resolve your queries. Surely, you can use colour corrector but you can try this red lipstick tip if you don’t have a colour corrector at home. Red lipstick can act as a colour corrector and help you cancel the blue and green tones in your skin.

So, after applying your primer and before starting your face makeup, apply some red lipstick in places where you have any discolouration. A creamy lipstick is the best formulation to use for this step. Blend the red lipstick well with your finger. Follow it up with a concealer and foundation, and do the rest of your face makeup as per usual.  


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3. As an Eyeshadow

Even if you love makeup, buying several eyeshadow palettes may not be feasible for everyone. On days when you want to experiment with different colours, but don’t have an eyeshadow shade, just use your lipstick instead! Doing your eye makeup with red lipstick will help you create a sultry and fiery look. Simply apply some creamy red lipstick across your eyelids and blend with a fluffy brush. To set this in place, use some translucent powder. This will add a beautiful shade of red to your eyes and create the perfect eye look.  

4. As an Eyeliner

Another creative way of doing your makeup with red lipstick is to use it as an eyeliner. If you’re bored of the usual Colossal bold black liner, Tattoo studio gel pencil brown liner or blue Tattoo liner play eyeliners, it is time to experiment and opt for red. Take some red liquid lipstick on a fine brush and use it to create a beautiful winged liner. This is a great way to add a pop of colour to your look and utilise the creative side of yours.  


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It is high time to get creative with your makeup products and use them in several different ways. So next time you are in a fix, we’re sure these ideas of makeup with red lipstick will come to your rescue.  


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