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It's all in the eyes. And the possibilities are endless. Demure daytime looks. Deep drama night moves. Subtle lines and definition, smoky vibes, classic tones or a shot of color. Eyeshadow, eyeliner, kajal, eyebrow and mascara collections designed to transform your look in the blink of an eye.


    Colossal lashes in just one coat! Get instant dramatic volume and bold lashes. Clumps no more!


Maybelline Eye Makeup - All eyes on you

Steal the show with less than a wink. The alluring eye makeup brought to you by Maybelline lets you pull off any look in the book. Now, you can expect pigmentation, precision, resilience and much more from your eye makeup. It's easy to step beyond the regulars with Maybelline’s  eye cosmetics. The versatile line up of eyeshadows, eyeliners, mascaras, kajal, and eyebrow makeup lets you take your glamour to the next level. Make play with the many colours and textures offered by the range, and let your eye makeup run unhinged. Tap into the vast range of waterproof eye makeup to carry an untouched look through the day. 

Effortless Eye Makeup with Maybelline

Battle is half won when you pick up the eye makeup products that compliment you well. Determining your eye shape, face shape, and eyelids is the next step to create the perfect eye makeup. You can glance through this step-by-step makeup routine and achieve a striking pair. 

Step 1 – Primer

Prepping your skin before eye makeup is a must, just as it is for the rest of your face. A few drops is more than enough to smoothen your lids. A makeup primer will also hold your eye cosmetics together for longer periods of time. Use a pinch of concealer to blur out any pigmentation, redness, or veins. 

Step 2 – Base Shade

Just like your face makeup, you must create a base layer for eye makeup too. Use a matted foundation to ensure that your eyeshadow blends in well. You can even use the Fit Me Fresh Tint if you prefer wearing light makeup. 

Step 3 – Colour your crease

With a small eye cosmetics brush, give definition to your crease. You can use a matte brown eyeshadow or even experiment with different shades of eye makeup, such as brown, reds, yellows, etc., on the crease as well.  

Step 4 –  Paint in

Arguably one of the most fun steps of eye makeup, an eye shadow lets you get creative. Play with different colours or use neutral shades for an everyday eye makeup look. Blend the colour with your crease shade to blur any harsh lines. You can also experiment with different textures like glitter, metallic, foiled, etc., to glam up your eye makeup look. Additionally, you can use a flat angled brush to add the same eye makeup colours to your lower lash line.  

Step 5 – Kajal

For most women, eye cosmetics aren’t complete without a kajal pencil. You can use a kajal to create sharp and clean lines or smudge it for a smokey eye makeup look. Apply the kajal on the waterline to outline your eyes or smudge on your lash line to give the illusion of thicker lashes. 

Step 6 – Eyeliner

Add drama to your eye makeup with a bold winged eyeliner or outline your upper eyelid with an ultra-precise line. Maybelline eyeliner pencils, liquid, pens, and gels, add an extra bit of oomph to your eye makeup look instantly. Start with simple lines close to the lash line if you are an eye makeup rookie, then move onto more intense looks. 

Step 7 – Mascara

Give instant length and volume to your lashes with mascara. You can get thick, dramatic lashes or coy ones with a perfect mascara and a good wand. Lift your eye makeup instantly by adding a few simple coats of mascara. 

Step 8 – Eyebrows

Though the last step of your eye makeup regimen, eyebrows are what build and break the symmetry of your face. Use a creamy eyebrow pencil to define the arches and tails of your brow. You can even use a tinted eyebrow gel to manicure your thicker brows. 

Maybelline Eye Makeup Range

It's one thing to make the heads turn, but if you wish to truly mesmerise - it's all in the eyes. Eye makeup can add a certain depth to your look, giving it more meaning. Whatever your go-to eye cosmetic may be, eyeshadow, a bold liner, or even a faint kajal, it's the eye makeup that carries your statement. While locking down the perfect eye makeup routine might seem complicated, you only need a few arrows in your quiver. The Maybelline eye makeup range offers everything you might be able to place your finger on. Strong wings, peachy lids, or the unmatched desi kajal, whip up all sorts of looks with these eye makeup products.  

• Eyeliner

Discover a range of sharp, smudge proof eyeliners among Maybelline’s eye makeup products. Keep your defined liner locked in for up to 36 hours with Tattoo Studio Gel Eyeliner Pencil. If you prefer the theatrical smokey eye makeup, check out the Tattoo Studio Smokey Gel Eyeliner Pencil for unmatched pigmentation. If you’re big on the fine finish, you can try out liquid eyeliners. With a fine brush, the Colossal Bold Liner or the Hyper Glossy Liquid Liner by Maybelline eye makeup get you the artistic finish you want. Its high-shine, ultra black application makes a perfect choice for bold, well pigmented eye makeup. For many, the soft spot lies between a pencil and liquid. The sketch eyeliners by Maybelline eye makeup allow bold, controlled strokes with their felt tips. 

• Mascara

Ditch the need for falsies. The game-changing mascaras by Maybelline eye makeup outdo themselves in every use. The effortless mascaras promise a big difference with little eye makeup products. The lash Sensational Mascara by Maybelline is a perfect example of impactful waterproof eye makeup. Achieve instant double curves with the Lash Lift Mascara or turn your lashes with the Hypercurl Mascara. Whether you wish to volumise your lashes or add length to them, there’s something in store for you among the eye cosmetics at Maybelline. 

• Eyeshadow

Out for the day or stunning through the night, the Maybelline eyeshadow palettes cover all the vibes. Your eyeshadow accounts for the colour punch in your eye makeup. Finding the immaculate shades within your eye cosmetics is important, since it also impacts the colours of your face makeup and lip makeup. Whether you’re on the lookout for pinks, metallic, or neutral palettes, you can find them all with Maybelline eye makeup. The Blushed Nudes Eyeshadow is your perfect companion for a romantic, breezy day out. The Maybelline City Mini, amongst other eye cosmetics, lets you take on the night life without missing a beat. The New City Mini range lets your breeze through a cookout, a brunch, or any other daytime glam! 

• Kajal

Without a doubt, a well pigmented Kajal is a must have when it comes to eye cosmetics. Rim your eyes with the perfect Maybelline eye makeup Kajal to get a smudge-proof, statement look. A kajal can be paired with, well- everyday, be it professional setups or a fun catchup after work. The kajal amps up your eye makeup notably. If you’re adding this stroke to your eyes everyday, make sure that kajal stick  comes in a nourishing formula like The Colossal Kajal 24hr found with Maybelline eye cosmetics. Loaded with eye care ingredients such aloe vera, vitamin C and vitamin E, the kajal delivers intense blackness for up to 24 h. The Colossal Kajal Super Black takes the lasting coverage to the next level, giving you striking rimmed eye makeup up to 36 h. 

• Eyebrow Makeup

Fill in your scanty brows or tame your dense arches, the Maybelline eye makeup brings you brow pencils and gels to get perfectly manicured, symmetrical eyebrows. You can maneuver through your eyebrows according to your face shape and bring the best out of your features. The different natural shades among these eye cosmetics blend into your brow-hair effortlessly. The smudge proof, creamy eyebrow makeup pencil remains tattooed into your arches for up to 36h. You can also find a tinted eyebrow gel to give definition to your eye makeup look. 

All eyes on you

With the best eye cosmetics already put in place for you, you need not look any further. Check out the diverse Maybelline eye makeup collection, mix and match the versatile eye makeup products, and create a perfect stunner! Navigate through your many options easily with the Maybelline Virtual Try On tool. You can buy precise eye makeup online without having to physically try it on. Simply use your camera, or upload a picture, to experiment with different colours and textures of eye makeup. See what looks best on you without leaving your bed! 


With a perfect eye makeup look nailed down, you can also explore the many matte lipsticks, lip gloss, tinted lip balms, bluhers, and highlighters with the Maybelline Foundation Finder. If you’re unsure with the face makeup you’ve been using, you can also explore the many skin tints, foundations, and concealers with the Maybelline Foundation Finder tool! Curate picture perfect eye makeup looks for different occasions, all while saving your skin the trouble of constant application and removal.  


Start off with using primer on your eyelids to create an even base for your eye makeup. You can use a concealer around your eye to get an even skin and then move on to an eyeshadow colour of your choice. Keep your eyeliner subtle or winged depending on the rest of the look. Seal off with an eyebrow pencil, mascara, and kajal. Depending on your face and eye shape, your eye makeup routine can use a eyeshadow, an eye liner, a kajal, mascara, and eyebrow makeup. Ensure that you dab in a bit of primer before using eye makeup products. Using eye makeup responsibly will keep you safe from any harm caused by eye cosmetics. Ensure that you use dermatologically tested products which you are not allergic to. A natural eye makeup is one that accentuate your eyes without overdoing it. Subtle nudes, colours close to your skin tones combine to make a perfect natural eye makeup. While smokey eye makeup, natural eye makeup take the stage, there are virtually limitless eye makeup looks depending on your willingness to experiment! The eye makeup rests at one of the highest points of your face. If any of your eye makeup tends to fall out, it's best to brush it away before you begin your face makeup. This is why experts suggest starting with eye makeup first.