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6 Tips To Achieve The Best Summer Makeup Look

Summer Makeup Look

Summer brings along extreme humidity and heat. The hot weather often leads to melting foundation, sticky skin and sweat tricking down your face. It is time to replace your regular makeup routine and try new summer makeup looks. Here are six tips to achieve the best makeup for the summer heat that will keep your makeup looking fresh and glowy all day!

1. Don’t skip on primer

The humidity causes your pores to work on overdrive and produce more sweat and sebum. This often leads to your summer makeup slipping off your face easily. The best way to avoid this is by priming your face well. Before you start doing your face makeup, apply some primer to your t-zone. 

You can opt for a mattifying primer as it will reduce shine, even out your skin and fill your pores. It will also help hold the foundation on your skin better and help it last longer.

2. Set it with a powder

It is imperative that you set your summer makeup look in place so it lasts all day. The best way to make your summer makeup budge-proof is by using a loose powder. After applying your foundation and concealer, place the loose powder on the areas of your face where you crease the most. Let it sit for a few minutes and dust it off after. This process is known as baking and it helps seal your base makeup in for longer. A pro tip if you have a long day ahead of you, keep a compact powder handy. This will help you touch up on the go and keep your base makeup in place. You can use some powder highlighter and apply it to the high points of your face. This will help you add glow back to your skin.

3. Skip on foundation

The combination of soaring heat with humid weather doesn’t really make a great pair. In this situation, with your summer makeup, less is always more. Opting for a natural summer makeup look, especially for the daytime, will give you a dewy look while looking glamourous. For your base makeup, skip on foundation if you are comfortable with it. Instead, simply apply your concealer to even out your complexion and brighten your face. If you’re struggling with finding the perfect shade of concealer for yourself, the Maybelline Fit Me Foundation Finder tool is perfect for you. With this tool, you can virtually browse through a wide variety of shades and try them in real-time. Once you have found a shade that fits you perfectly, you can go ahead and purchase it.

4. Blush those cheeks

Summer makeup looks are all about the pops of colour and the flushed makeup look. While doing your face makeup, don’t forget to load your cheeks with blush. Applying blush will liven up your look while giving your skin colour and life. Confused about which blush shade to choose? With the Maybelline Virtual Try On tool, you can virtually try out different blush shades from the comfort of your home. Along with different blushes, you can also try out different products from our catalogue in real-time.

A pro tip, if you don’t have a blush on you while you’re on the go, you can simply use some lipstick! Take some creamy lipstick on your fingers and warm it up. Apply it to your face and blend it in well. This will add a healthy flush of colour to your skin.

5. Waterproof mascara

While doing your summer eye makeup, it is best to keep the look to a minimum. Fill in your eyebrows and apply a single metallic eyeshadow colour across your lids. This will balance out your look and make your summer eyeshadow look pop. The most important step while doing your summer eye makeup is to load your lashes with mascara. With a help of mascara, your eyelashes will look beautifully fluttery and wispy. If you’re going to be jumping in the pool or going for a swim at the beach, remember to use waterproof mascara. This will help keep your mascara in place and not make you look like a panda.

6. Lip tint

If your summer makeup goal is something minimal yet fresh, then lip tints will be the perfect way to seal your look. A lip tint will add a perfect flush of natural colour to your lips. It’ll help you achieve the stained lip makeup look. If you don’t have a lip tint, we’ll help you DIY it. Simply take some lip balm on a mixing plate. Add a bit of your powder blush and mix the two well. This will give you a beautiful tint! If you don’t have any blush, you can also use your lip liner or creamy lipstick instead. Make sure you mix it well and dab it on your lips slightly. 

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