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Makeup removal 101: Learn how to remove your makeup effectively

How to Remove Makeup

Your makeup was on point for the party you just attended. The perfect glowy base, lip and eye makeup surely fetched you  tons of compliments.

While doing your makeup, these virtual tools will come in very handy:

• If you are unsure of which products will suit you, the Maybelline Virtual Try On tool is perfect for you. With this tool, you can try out different products and experiment with your looks. You can browse through our wide catalogue of products and choose the ones that suit you the best.

• The Maybelline Foundation Finder tool comes in handy when you are trying to find the perfect shade of base products for yourself. It helps you choose from multiple shades and pick out the right shade of foundation, concealer and powder.

• The Maybelline Lipstick finder is perfect if you are confused about which shade will suit the occasion. This tool browses through our wide catalogue of lipsticks and picks the perfect one for you.

However, after a fun-filled night, it is time to go home and remove your makeup. While wearing makeup seems fun, removing it is not so much. And that is probably why, most people end up skipping this step and go to bed with their makeup on. However,  makeup that is trapped in your pores can sometimes lead to the rise of skin concerns. Hence, removing your makeup properly is very important to ensure you have glowing and healthy skin. We are here with a detailed guide, to help you understand how to remove makeup the right way. So grab your makeup remover, and  get unready with me.

1. Face makeup

• The first step in learning how to remove makeup correctly is to start with your face makeup. Your face and neck makeup take up the most surface area and need to be removed thoroughly.

• Start by taking a cotton pad and drenching it with some micellar water. In case you were ever curious regarding how to use micellar water, it is best apply it with a cotton pad or a soft towel.

• Take this cotton pad and gently swipe it across your cheeks, forehead, nose and neck.

• Swiping in upwards motion will help you get rid of the foundation, concealer, contour, blush and highlighter.

• Replace your cotton pad in case the current one gets too soiled.

• Keep repeating this process till your cotton pad shows little to no traces of makeup.

2. Eye makeup

• After your face is free of all makeup, it is time to remove your eye makeup.

• The products we usually use to do our eye makeup are waterproof and long-lasting. Hence, it is crucial to learn how to remove eye makeup correctly and efficiently, without hurting your eyes.

• Start by pouring some micellar water on two cotton pads. Place each cotton round on one eye and gently move it in circular motions.

• Now gently swipe the cotton pad gently in an upward motion.

• This will help you get rid of all the glitter, eyeshadow, and eyeliner.

• Additionally, it is important to pay special attention while removing your kajal and mascara.

• If you use waterproof mascara, this method is the best answer to your query - how to remove waterproof makeup? Fold a cotton pad soaked in micellar water and place your lashes in between. Gently rub the cotton pad to get rid of your mascara.

• If you struggle with removing your kajal completely, take an earbud and soak the tip in micellar water. Gently run the tip of the earbud across your waterline and voila, you will get rid of all your kajal. With these tips, you have now unlocked the answer to how to remove makeup

3. Lip makeup

• How to remove lipstick? This can’t be that difficult, right! Yet most people struggle with the process when their stubborn liquid lipstick refuses to come out completely. Here's a simple method - apply some micellar water on a cotton pad  and swipe it gently across your lips. You can also use coconut oil.

• This will remove any of the lipstick residue and leave your face feeling squeaky clean.

Now that you’ve removed all your makeup using micellar water, it is time to use your favourite cleanser and thoroughly cleanse your face. You can go for the double cleansing method, which  ensures that you get rid of every last bit of makeup left on your skin. The final steps in our “get unready with me” session are to apply a toner and finish it off with a hydrating  moisturiser and lip balm.

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