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5 Lipstick Hacks Every Woman Must Know

Perfect Lipstick Makeup

Whether you are a pro at makeup or are just starting out, lipstick is the one makeup product you cannot do without. From satin to full matte, from the intensely pigmented liquid lipstick to the soft and creamy lipstick bullets, you have probably tried it all. But do you know how to stop lipstick from getting on your teeth? Or how to take off the stubborn liquid lipstick that just won’t budge?

Here are 5 quick and easy lipstick hacks that every makeup lover should know to save time and get a perfect lipstick wearing experience every time!

1. Make your lips pop with sharp edges

Have you wondered why your lipstick doesn’t look as crisp as those on the models you see in photographs? You lined your lips with the sharpest lip liner you own but even then, your edges don’t look clean. A quick lip makeup tip to make your lipstick pop and have a very sharp and defined lip line is to clean the edges of your lips with a little bit of concealer. After applying lipstick, use a tiny amount of concealer on an angled brush and line the outside of your lips. This will clean up the edges and make your lips look extra precise!

2. Make your own lipstick palette

Have many half-used lipstick bullets lying around? Can’t decide which ones to bring on your next vacation? This easy lipstick hack will make traveling with dozens of lipsticks easy and convenient! Use a plastic medicine/pills box and simply scoop out the leftovers of your old lipstick bullets and add one of them to each slot in the container. And you’re done. You can also lightly press down on the lipsticks with clean fingers to make them lay flat and even in the container. Make your very own lipstick palette by picking your favourite colours and carry along this travel-friendly palette wherever you go. All you need to do is a pack a lipstick brush with you and you are all set. No more digging through your bag to find that one lone lipstick.

3. Keep lipstick off your teeth

Nobody wants to have their teeth stained with lipstick when they are around other people. This simple lipstick hack will keep your teeth colour-free so you can talk and smile with complete confidence. The trick is to ensure that the excess lipstick is removed from the inside edges of your lips. To do this, form a small “O” shape with your lips. Put your index finger in your mouth and gently close down your lips on the finger. Pull your finger out slowly and you are done! The extra lipstick colour which would have otherwise transferred on your lips is now on your finger.

4. Create fuller lips

A fuller and plump pout is all the rage these days, and you don’t have to resort to lip injections to achieve the look. Follow these easy lip makeup tips for realistic fuller-looking lips!

• As always, prep your lips with some light exfoliation and lip balm to get the blood flowing to your lips and create a smooth and flawless base for the rest of your lip makeup to go on. Use the Maybelline Baby Lips Lipcare lip balm to prevent chapped and cracked lips and keep your lips moisturised for up to 8 hours.

• Once your canvas is ready, prime your lips with a concealer or foundation that matches your skin tone. This will not only make your lipstick last longer but also create an even base for the true colour of the lipstick to show through. This also helps blend the colour of your lips with the surrounding skin’s colour, making it easy to over-line your lips without making it look obvious.

• Very lightly over-line your cupid’s bow and the center of your bottom lips. Do not over-line your entire mouth as this a sure-shot way of making your lips look unnaturally huge. Stick to the centers of the top and bottom lip and follow the natural edge for the rest of your lips. The Maybelline Superstay Matte Ink Crayon lipstick with its pointed tip will help you outline and over-line your lips with precision.

• Fill in your lipstick as you normally would. Darker colours tend to make your lips look smaller, so we recommend going for lighter shades like nudes or pale pinks to make your pout look larger. Find a colour that matches or is similar to the colour of your lip liner, you don’t want to have a very dark outline with light coloured lips! Bonus lipstick hack - if you use the Superstay Matte Ink Crayon to line your lips, you can use the same crayon as your lipstick shade as well. Lipstick and lip liner in one!
Not sure you are applying lipstick correctly? Read our Step-by-Step Lipstick Guide to get the perfect lipstick application every time.

• Gloss it up! Shiny and glossy lips reflect light and make your lips look plumper. Dab a high-shine lip gloss on the center of your lips for a highlighting effect!

5. Remove long wearing lipstick

Long-lasting lipsticks are great when you want to go all day without touch-ups. But sometimes, these long-lasting lipsticks last a little too long! When applied correctly, long-lasting lipsticks like the Maybelline SuperStay Matte Ink Liquid Lipstick can last up to 16 hours. The rich and super-saturated shades of the SuperStay Matte Ink will last you from dawn to dusk, but here’s how you can quickly take off long wearing lipstick without excessively tugging at your delicate lips.

Long-lasting lipsticks can easily be removed by saturating your lips with a balm or an oil. Ditch the conventional makeup removers and instead load up a generous amount of petroleum jelly, lip balm, or any oil you have at home. Gently massage it on your lips and you will already start to see the colour coming off on your fingers. Take a cotton pad or tissue and gently wipe off the colour. Repeat the process if you’re wearing a dark lip colour. If you still have some lip colour on your lips, use a soft toothbrush or a lip scrub and exfoliate the colour away! Once you are done taking off the long-wearing lipstick, nourish and hydrate your lips with a moisturizing lip balm.

Playing with makeup has no rules and there are a lot of different ways in which you can use makeup. We hope these lipstick hacks help you get the most out of your favorite lipsticks. Shop for your favourite lip products on the Maybelline website and let your lips do the talking! Not sure what colours to buy? Head over to Maybelline’s Virtual Try On tool and try the exhaustive range of lipsticks and see how the different shades will look on you before you pick your favourite colour. This Virtual Try On tool is like your very own bonus lipstick hack!

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