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7 Easy Ways How to Make Eyes Look Bigger

Eyes are the mirror of one’s soul.” And more often than not the first feature we notice in another person. Having bigger eyes makes your face look brighter and more awake and can make all the difference in your overall makeup look. Making your eyes prominent, can add a lot of structure to your face. But not all of us are blessed with big and statement eyes. Don’t worry, we are here with a few simple tips and tricks that will help you achieve bigger and Bambi like eyes.

Tweeze those brows

Shaping your brows can make a world of a difference and add a tonne of structure to your face. Brows with space between them give the illusion of bigger eyes. Bold and bushy but well-kept brows bring a lot of attention to your eyes. If you have any gaps in your eyebrows, fill them in with an eyebrow pencil. This helps you get fuller brows and adds dimension to your face.

Conceal those dark circles

Crow’s feet under your eyes can cause them to look droopy and tired. Using a concealer to cover those pesky dark circles, is a simple step that can even out your skin tone and divert attention to your eyes. First use a concealer closest to your skin tone to conceal those dark circles, after which you can add a light layer of foundation to even out your complexion. You can use the Fit Me Finder tool to choose the perfect shade of foundation and concealer while you are in the comfort of your home. After applying foundation, use an illuminating concealer to further brighten your eyes. Set the concealer and foundation in place using some powder to avoid any creasing. This is a great way to achieve the illusion of bigger eyes.

Add volume to your lashes

Simple tips and tricks can help you answer your question of how to make your eyes look bigger. Using an eyelash curler can open up your eyes and make you look more awake. After curling your lashes, add a thick coat of mascara to your lashes. This helps them look voluminous and lengthens them. Thick and wispy lashes are the perfect way to get the doll eyes makeup. Lay the mascara on thickly on your outer lashes to achieve the illusion of bigger eyes.

Kohl it out

While applying kajal to your lower lashline, line only the outer end of your lashline. Lining your entire waterline with kajal will make them look smaller. Instead, line only the outer corner of your eyes with some black kajal, this will open up your eyes and make them appear doe-like. You can soften the look using a brush and smudging it slightly. You can also tightline your eyes, as this gives the look of fuller lashes.

Inner corner highlight

Adding a dash of shimmer to your inner corners will really make your eyes pop. After you are done applying eyeshadow on your eyelids, you can take a shimmery shade and apply it to the inner corner of your eye. If you want a more blinding highlight, you can simply use your highlighter and add some shimmer to the inner corners of your eyes.

Create your own crease

While doing your eye makeup, we add a dark brown eyeshadow in our crease to accentuate it. While attempting to get big eye using makeup instead of applying the brown eyeshadow where you normally do, apply it slightly higher. This will create an illusion of bigger eyes and make your eyes stand out. After placing the crease shade higher than usual, add a light shimmery shade on your eyelids and blend it well. You can use the Maybelline Virtual Try On tool to virtually try out eyeshadows and other makeup products before you buy them.

A thin eyeliner instead of thick

The thickness of your eyeliner will make the world of a difference in making your eyes look bigger. Applying a thin line of eyeliner instead of a thick one helps define your eyes. Adding a cat eye to this eyeliner look makes your eyes look more elongated. Start but applying a thin line of eyeliner in the inner corner of your eye and make it slightly thicker towards the outer corner. After this, you can create a sharp wing and voilà, you have the perfect eyeliner for big eyes!

Eyes are beautiful in all shapes and sizes but sometimes it is good to experiment with makeup and make your eyes bigger and accentuate them. On days when your eyes look tired and droopy, these tips can come in handy to give you bigger eyes!

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