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Believe it or not, every girl visualises a particular style of makeup for the outfit they have carefully chosen for a party or event. And, when the colour of your outfit is white, it gives them a sky full of options to play with. White is a neutral colour that has an element of joyfulness to it and can be styled in countless ways. And, almost every girl has a white dress in their wardrobe; be it a formal shirt, a graphic T-shirt, or a long gown. So, if you’re planning to wear a white dress and thinking of experimenting with some makeup looks, you have come to the right place. We are here to help you achieve what you can call the perfect makeup for a white dress and make a beautiful style statement in multiple ways. But before we discuss doing makeup for a white dress, let’s walk you through the rule book or tips while doing makeup for a white dress. 

Tips to achieve the best makeup for a white dress  

Following is a list of tips that would help you master the art of achieving best makeup for a white dress. 


• To keep your face makeup for a white dress flawless and clean, you must prep your skin beforehand. 


• You can go for earthy tones to complement your white outfit. 


• For the eye makeup for white dress, you can experiment with different eyeshadows and create a striking contrast using green or orange eyeshadow colours. 


• Go for smudge-proof, water-proof products to avoid any stains on white dress. 


• If you are going for minimal makeup, try to focus on eyebrow makeup. 


Blush and highlighter can amp up your look so try to keep these two face makeup products handy while creating a makeup look for white dress. 

Top 5 Makeup looks for white dress 

Check out the top 5 makeup looks for a white dress and select the best one for your white outfit. 


1. No-makeup makeup look 


If you are someone who loves a natural and no makeup look, here’s what you can do to complement your white outfit. Start this simple makeup for your white dress by using a dewy primer to add a luminous glow to your complexion. We recommend skipping the foundation and concealer for this look. Instead, you can go for a skin tint to get a natural finish. The skin tint has a lightweight formula and blends into the skin easily to deliver natural coverage with optimal sun protection and brightening effects. Next, apply a small amount of blush to make your cheeks look flushed and fresh. Go easy on your eye makeup and try to keep your eyes simple and almost bare by coating your eyelashes with mascara. Since you want simple makeup for your white dress, you can keep your lip makeup subtle and use a tinted lip balm to enhance your natural lip colour. 


2. Monochrome look 


Monochrome makeup helps you play around with a lot of different shades to create magic, and it’s universally flattering. Start this monochromatic makeup look for white dress by doing face makeup as always with primer, foundation, and concealer. Then add a pop of coral blush to your cheeks. To take things up a notch, you need a stunning eye makeup for your white dress. Pair the orange eyeshadow with the winged eyeliner look and let your eyes do the talking. Finish off your white dress makeup look by lightening up your lips with coral lipstick. 


3. Smokey eyes 


To create smokey eye makeup for white dress, start by shaping your eyebrows with an eyebrow pencil. Then, use dark brown, light brown, and nude eyeshadow shades and blend it well to get the perfect smokey base. Take your smokey eye look to the next level by defining your eyes with a kajal. Finish the look with a red lipstick. For the face makeup, you need to keep their base makeup simple. You can add a quotient of glamour by highlighting certain parts of your face with the metallic highlighter


4. Cut crease look 


Almost everyone owns a white gown as it is evergreen and always in style. Give a dramatic effect to your white gown makeup look by creating the cut crease eye makeup. To achieve this look, apply a brown eyeshadow to the crease of your eyes. Follow this step by using a brightening concealer across your eyelid and cut your crease in a clean semi-circle. Pair your eyeshadow with a kajal, and lift and sculpt your lashes using mascara. For the lips, you can opt for pink lipstick


5. Colourful eyes


Start by keeping your base subtle and go for the vibrant green eyeshadow to create a show-stopping eye makeup for your white dress. You can go a mile extra by using the navy-blue eyeliner on your lower lash and pair this look with a fuchsia lipstick to have fun with contrasting colours. Apart from these ideas, you can always play around with various colours and create what you can call your signature white gown makeup look. 


If these looks sound overwhelming and you are not sure enough, here’s what you can do. Use the Maybelline Virtual Try-On tool and experiment with different face, eye and lip products from the comfort of your home.  This tool helps to make the process of finding the correct makeup a lot easier without you having to spend a penny. Additionally, you can try the Maybelline Foundation Finder tool to find the ideal foundation shade for your white dress makeup look. Now that you are confident, rock the white dress in style and have all eyes on you. 


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