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4 Face Makeup Blunders That You Can Fix With Ease

Makeup Blunders and How to Fix Them

No matter how good you are at applying makeup, there are some common makeup blunders that we all are guilty of committing.  And generally, these makeup mistakes happen at the most inconvenient time, like when you’ve running late for work or date or when you are trying out a new product. However, when a makeup blunder happens, removing your makeup and starting all over again is not only time-consuming and frustrating, but it’s usually not a realistic option either. So, what do you do? Sit back and read on because we’re here with a list of common makeup mistakes to avoid, how to fix makeup mistakes and enhance your natural beauty with ease. Read on to get your makeup right, every time and look your best every day with a few quick fixes.

1. Not prepping your face well

Once you pull out your makeup bag, the first step is to apply foundation, right? Wrong! This is one of the most common makeup mistakes that people make. The first step of your makeup routine should be to prep your face to ensure a flawless makeup application. A fully prepped and hydrated face will do wonders, not only for your skin under the makeup but also for the end result. Before applying any makeup product, you must cleanse and moisturise your face. Then, you can apply a primer to blur out the large, open pores, and help your makeup glide on smoothly, and make it long-lasting. You can try the Maybelline Fit Me Primer to create a smooth canvas for the rest of your makeup and give you a radiant look all day, every day.

2. Using the wrong foundation formula or shade

As you mature, your makeup should evolve as well. Ageing leads the skin on the face, neck and other parts of the body to become dry, which results in the loss of radiance. We recommend that you choose the right foundation formula, depending on your skin’s types and needs. And yes, to ensure a smooth and non-streaky application, dab the foundation with a makeup sponge or brush instead of sweeping it across. Not applying the foundation correctly or picking an incorrect shade is another very common makeup blunder. It is necessary to choose the right foundation shade that matches your skin tone and undertone, and you can easily do that by answering a few questions on the Maybelline Foundation Finder tool.

3. Applying too much concealer

You might blame it on your baby, who refuses to sleep or that urgent deadline you’ve got to meet or even your latest Netflix show addiction. Whatever the case, you are exhausted, and your eyes speak volumes about it. In such situations, most people reach out for their concealers and apply them in large quantities to hide their dark circles. However, if you go overboard and apply too much concealer then you could end up unintentionally highlighting wrinkles or lines or end up with a heavy and cakey look, which will only make things worse. To avoid this, apply concealer naturally, without overloading, so that it doesn't look like you're wearing a mask of makeup. Using concealer effectively will highlight your beautiful features and bid adieu to tired-looking eyes and banish the blemishes with ease.

4. Extra powdering

Nowadays, most of us look forward to that ‘dewy’ vibe. And yes, you’ve been using the powder as a part of your regular makeup routine, but are you sure that you’ve been doing it the right way? Sure, you would like your T-zones to stay shine-free, but looking too powdery is definitely a no-no. To avoid this makeup blunder, you need to tap the excess powder off your brush to achieve a smooth and flawless complexion. This will prevent a chalky appearance and give you a beautiful glow that refreshes your skin.

Apart from being careful of the makeup dos and don’ts, you can now finalise the rest of your face makeup without any effort by trying the Maybelline Virtual Try-On tool. This tool helps you experiment with different face, eye makeup and lip makeup products virtually, from the comfort of your home, without you having to spend a penny. Additionally, to find out your ideal lipstick shade, head to the Maybelline Lipstick Finder tool to complete your final look and slay the day.

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