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Bid Adieu to Makeup Flashback With These Tips

Makeup Flashback

After spending hours doing your makeup, it is wonderful to see the end result. Your face makeup often looks flawless, but is it really? Acing your base while doing your makeup is the trickiest thing to do. Apart from having it blend and sit well on your face, there is a chance of a base makeup flashback. If you are a makeup enthusiast, the thought of having a white cast is sure to give you shudders. If you’re a makeup newbie and have no idea about what makeup flashback is, we are here to explain it to you.  Here is a detailed guide of what it is and learn how to avoid flashback.

What is flashback?

When we say flashback in this context, we aren’t talking about a familiar scent triggering your memory and taking to a quaint memory. We are talking about makeup flashback. Flashback in makeup is when there is a white cast under your eyes, jaw and forehead. It is often caused by using the wrong type of setting powder, foundation or concealer. This white cast may not be visible in person, but becomes very evident when you click a photograph. Your under eyes look ashy, and it seems like they have some powder residue. Most of the time, you cannot tell you have a white cast before it is too late.

What causes makeup flashback?

Flashback with your makeup isn’t really your fault, it is usually because of the products you choose. Here are a few causes of makeup flashback:

• Using products with high SPF content -  While SPF should be an integral part of every person’s routine, it is the biggest reason for causing makeup white cast.

• Translucent powder - While using translucent powder is a great way to set your base makeup, it can cause flashback. Using a no flashback setting powder is very important when dressing up for events where there is going to be flash photography.

• Concealer that is too light - A great way to brighten your under-eye area is by using a lighter shade of concealer. However, if you end up using a concealer that is too light, there is a high chance of makeup flashback.

Now that we are well versed with the details of makeup flashback and its causes, let’s understand how we can avoid having any white cast.

1. Choose matte formulas

Using foundations that are too dewy for your makeup, can increase the chances of a makeup flashback. Matte foundations are a great saviour in this situation. Use a matte foundation that matches your undertone and complexion correctly. It acts as a no flashback foundation and will leave no room for it. To choose the right shade and undertone for your base products, you can use the Maybelline Foundation Finder tool. This tool is a saviour as it helps you shade match yourself accurately and pick shades that fit you right.

2. Don’t pick a concealer that is too light

Many people use a concealer that is a couple of shades lighter to highlight their undereye area. However, choosing a shade that is too light is sure to give you a makeup flashback. Always choose a concealer one or two shades lighter and not more, as it will help avoid the possibility of flashback.

3. Use setting powders that have some colour

While translucent powders are great to set your makeup, you often run into the risk of it leaving a white cast behind. To avoid this, it is best to use setting powder that has some colour to it. Choosing a loose powder shade closest to your skintone is an easy way to avoid flashback. Set your makeup with a setting powder without flashback, and you will notice the difference in pictures yourself.

4. Do a flash test

This is a simple way of detecting if your makeup is flashing back. After you are done setting your base makeup, take a picture of yourself with the camera flash on. If you see no white cast in your picture, you are good to go! If you see some white patches, it is time to fix it. You can do so by dusting off the excess powder, trying to blend it in and using a setting spray to diffuse the makeup.

Choosing the right makeup products is very important to achieve a flawless look. Here are a few tools that will help you find the right products for you :

The Maybelline Virtual Try On tool enables you to virtually try out different products from our catalogue. You can try out different shades and mix and match your lip and eye makeup. You can shortlist the products you like and purchase them later.

The Maybelline Lipstick Finder tool is very helpful while choosing your lip colour. After doing your makeup, picking the right shade of lipstick is important to tie the whole look together. With this tool, you can browse through different shades and pick your perfect lip makeup

Once you make a mental note of these tricks, your base makeup is sure to look super flawless and be free of any white cast.

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