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Setting Spray Hacks

Setting Spray Hacks

After spending hours on achieving the perfect eye, face and lip makeup it is time to do the final step. The step that seals the deal, spraying on some setting spray. A few sprays of a long-lasting setting spray makes sure that your makeup lasts all day and doesn’t crease or budge. But a makeup fixer is not here to only make your foundation last all day, it can be used in several other ways. Let’s find out more about multiple ways of using the setting spray in makeup.

1. Set your eyebrows

After filling in your eyebrows perfectly, it can get quite annoying when they don’t stay in shape. A great setting spray hack is to spritz some makeup fixer on a spoolie and brush your eyebrows with it. This will make sure they stay in shape and also give your eyebrows a very natural and bushy look.

2. Make your eyeshadow pop!

While doing a dramatic or intricate eye makeup, the eyeshadow fallout can be quite a bummer. A great setting spray tip can be to spray your flat brush with some setting spray before dipping it into your eyeshadow pan. This will help you pick up more pigment on the brush and intensify the colour of your eyeshadow. Doing this step also prevents your eyeshadow from creasing. This setting spray hack is especially handy when you are trying to create a colourful eye look or even the perfect smokey eye look.

3. Use it as a primer

After prepping your skin with some moisturizer and sunscreen, you would generally reach out for your primer. But if you don’t have your primer on hand, don’t worry a makeup fixer spray will come to your rescue. You can spray a couple of pumps of the setting spray after applying moisturizer and sunscreen and before applying foundation. This helps in holding your makeup in place and make it last for a longer time as well.

4. Make your own eyeliner

Black eyeliner is a classic and can never go out of style. But there are times when you want to add something extra to your eye makeup. The best way to do this is by adding a fun coloured eyeliner on your eyelids and making them pop. You can create your very own eyeliner, in the colour of your choice using this simple setting spray hack. Take your gel eyeliner brush and spray it with your makeup fixer. Dip this brush generously in your eyeshadow pan. The bristles of the brush will hold on to the pigment and help you create any eyeliner look! This is a great way to use your setting spray in makeup especially when you are travelling and don’t want to carry too many makeup products.

5. Refresh your makeup

Carrying your entire vanity on a long day out isn’t possible. But the heat and sweat tend to make your makeup melt. If you start to notice your makeup creasing, here is how a setting spray can save the day. Smooth out all the creases using a beauty blender and spray some makeup fixer all over your face. This helps in beautifully sealing in your makeup again and makes sure it looks perfect. You can use a setting spray to smoothen out any under eye creases.

6. Make your highlighter pop

A glowing and blingy highlighter surely adds drama and pop to your face makeup look. If you want to really amp up your highlighter bling, use your setting spray. Spray some makeup fixer on your highlighter brush before dipping it into your highlighter pan. This gives you a wet look by intensifying your highlighter and adds the perfect shine and glow to your skin.

7. Make your makeup mask-proof!

Last but definitely not least, we had to include the primary use of a makeup fixer spray in this list. Using a makeup spray after finishing your makeup can make it last for 6 hours. It also makes sure that no product is transferred to your mask. Setting spray in makeup holds the makeup in place and makes it last longer. To make your makeup even more full proof, here is a setting spray hack that you must try. After applying your foundation, concealer, contour, blush and highlighter use a powder to set it all in place. Before beginning with your eye makeup, spritz some makeup fixer all over your face. This will help lock in your face makeup and give it an airbrushed look.

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