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5 Tips For Making Your Face Foundation Look Flawless

Foundation Makeup Application Tips and Tricks

If you are just starting out with makeup, you might have come across a lot of different makeup tips and tricks that have now left you feeling confused. One of the most important parts of any makeup look is your face foundation. With all the different products and information out there, you are constantly wondering about how to choose your foundation shade or how to apply foundation the right way.

Here we have a simple cheat sheet for you with five important foundation makeup tips you should know to always put your best face forward.

1. Prep Your Skin

Before you even start with your foundation, make sure your face is clean. Prepping your skin is key to having a flawless looking foundation. Foundation clings on to dry, flaky, and textured skin and emphasizes these problem areas. Cleaning and exfoliating your skin helps you create a clean canvas for the face foundation to go on.

Once your skin is clean, apply a lightweight moisturiser to hydrate your skin. Let the moisturiser be absorbed into your skin completely before you move on to applying foundation. Wait for around 10 – 15 minutes for the moisturizer to completely sink into your skin. Do not skip this step. Moisturising your face will give your foundation a smooth base to start on.

2. Use The Right Tools For Applying Foundation

Foundation brushes, stippling brushes, beauty sponges, silicone sponges, or your very own fingers – there are a variety of tools available for applying your foundation. Certain foundation formulas work well with certain types of tools, but what you use to apply your face foundation is eventually up to you. Some people prefer the full coverage that a stippling brush provides while some like the seamless blend of a makeup sponge.

Even though most makeup artists and experts tend to favour makeup sponges for applying liquid foundation, makeup brushes are also a great way to work the foundation into your face. You can experiment with the different tools available and find what works best for you.

3. Work From The Inside Out

Now are you confused on how to use foundation? We are here to help! Start by applying the foundation to the centre of your face – starting from the middle of your forehead and working down towards your nose and chin. Apply only a couple of small dots of foundation to the perimeters of your face. Blend your foundations starting from the middle of your face going outwards. This ensures that you have the most coverage in the centre of your face, naturally highlighting the area.

Most people also tend to have most of their redness and blackheads in the middle portion of the face. If you feel like some of your imperfections are peeking through from the outer perimeters, you can always add some more foundation to the specific spots to build up the coverage in those areas.

4. Opt For Buildable Coverage

As the name suggests, a buildable foundation can be layered to provide full coverage without looking heavy and cakey on the skin. A buildable foundation usually starts out with a sheer, medium or natural-looking finish that can then be built up to your desired layer or coverage. The advantage of using a buildable foundation is that you can choose a coverage level based on the type of makeup look you are going for.

Want to rock a no-makeup makeup look for work? Apply a thin layer of the foundation and even out your complexion. Going full-glam for a date night? Layer the foundation to achieve a flawless look that hides all imperfections like acne scars, blemishes, and hyperpigmentation. For example, the Maybelline Fit Me Matte+Poreless Foundation is a buildable foundation that refines pores and gives you a natural-looking matte finish. This medium coverage liquid foundation can be layered to provide full coverage and its 18 unique shades are made to fit diverse Indian skin tones.

5. Don’t Forget Your Neck and Ears

Nothing looks worse and more unnatural than a foundation that does not match your neck and ears. It is especially important to bring down the foundation to your neck if you have a fake tan in your neck and décolletage area and your face is left looking pale. Not blending your face foundation down to your neck can leave a stark demarcation along the jawline. Apply a very thin layer of foundation on your ears and your neck to make sure it is seamlessly blended with the foundation on your face.

We hope these easy tips will have you slaying your foundation game. Choose the right kind of foundation for your skin type and keep these points in mind to achieve a flawless face every time. And once you have your foundation routine down pat, complete your makeup look by trying other products from Maybelline’s Fit Me range like our concealer, loose finishing powder, and blush.

Read the Ultimate Foundation Guide for more tips to make your foundation look flawless.

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