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How To Apply Mascara Like A Pro Tips And Tricks

Whether you are going for a simple, everyday eye makeup look or want to make heads turn with a bold, smokey eyeshadow, long, voluminous lashes are the key to perfecting any eye makeup. And no, you do not have to reach for your falsies every time, because let’s be real here for a second, you probably do not have the time or patience to glue on a pair of falsies every single time you do your makeup.

The key to getting great looking lashes without the hassle of falsies is a mascara! While the mascara application seems self-explanatory, many people still end up with clumpy, spidery lashes. Here is how to apply mascara the right way to get fluttery and bold lashes in no time.

Some tips to keep in mind before you put on the mascara -

• Pick the right mascara formula that suits your needs

Understand what you are looking for from your mascara before setting out to make a purchase. Do your long lashes need more volume? Or do you want your thick lashes to hold their curl? There are a variety of mascaras to choose from, so make sure you do your research and pick one that suits your needs. You can also layer two different mascaras and enjoy the benefits of both!

1. Curling – The Maybelline Volum’ Express Hyper Curl Washable Mascara and the Volum’ Express Hyper Curl Waterproof Mascara are created with a unique curl lock formula to keep a volumized curl in your lashes from root to tip and lock it in place for 18 hours

2. Lengthening – Give your lashes an instant professional-looking lash lift and lengthen your lashes with the Maybelline Lash Lift Waterproof Mascara

3. Volumizing – Densify your lashes and add more volume for thick and supple lashes with the Maybelline Lash Sensational Waterproof Mascara. You can also achieve 2X volume in your lashes with the collagen-infused volume pumping formula of the Maybelline Colossal Waterproof Mascara and the The Colossal Washable Mascara.

• Prime and prep your eyelids

Applying your mascara should be the last step of your makeup routine (before setting your makeup with a setting spray of course!) Regardless of whether you like doing your face makeup before the eyes or vice versa, make sure your eye and face makeup is complete before going in with the mascara. So, prime your eyelids, apply your favorite eyeshadow, and go in with an eyeliner and a kajal before you do your lashes.

If you prefer doing your eye makeup before your face, complete all the above steps and move on to your face makeup before coming back to the eyes to put on the mascara. By doing this, you prevent the mascara on your lower lashes from smudging into your foundation and concealer. Set your base makeup with powder and only then apply mascara on the lower lash line.

How to apply mascara for beginners –

1. Curl your lashes – Place the padded part of the lash curler at the base of your upper lashes, as close to the eyelid as you can, close the curler, and gently squeeze for five to seven seconds. Repeat on the other eye.

2. Get the mascara on the wand – When pulling out the mascara wand from the tube, make sure the bristles are evenly coated with the product. Wipe off any excess clumps on the mouth of the tube and do not repeatedly pump the wand in and out of the tube as this pushes air into the tube, making your mascara dry out quicker.

3. Coat your lashes the right way – Place the mascara bristles under your upper lashes at the root and move the wand towards the tip of the lashes in a zig zag wiggling motion. This motion ensures maximum coverage without clumping your lashes together. Starting from the root of the lashes also gives your maximum volume and density on the base and keeps your lashes soft and fluttery and does not weigh them down.

4. Repeat on the lower lashes – Repeat the same process on the lower lashes using the tip of the wand instead to coat the bottom lashes. Since the lower lash line tends to have sparse and small eyelashes, using the tip of the mascara wand will help protect the product from clumping or smudging.

5. Separate the lashes – If you have applied an excess of mascara on your lashes and are noticing any clumps, use a clean spoolie or mascara brush and lightly comb through the lashes to separate them and get rid of all the clumping.

6. Apply a second coat if desired – To add more volume and get bold, dramatic lashes, add a second coat of mascara by repeating steps one to five on the top and bottom lashes.

Now that you know how to apply mascara to get long, curled, and voluminous lashes, use the Maybelline Virtual Try On tool to test out each Maybelline mascara from the comfort of your own home. The Virtual Try On tool gives you a virtual makeover in real-time and is great for experimenting with different face, eyes, and lip makeup products with zero commitment. But remember, a flawless base makeup is the key to creating any makeup look, so, before you start having fun with the Maybelline products on the Virtual Try On tool, don’t forget to find your exact shade match for your foundation, concealers, and powders. Use the Maybelline Foundation Finder to find a fit that suits your unique skin tone is just a few clicks.

Now you no longer have to hunt the internet for foundation swatches, no more wondering about how the dark red lipstick will look on you, and no more guessing if the eyebrow shade matches your hair – simply upload a picture or click a live photograph on the Virtual Try On tool and see yourself in Maybelline!

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