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The Best Zodiac Sign Makeup For Your Sun Sign

The Best Zodiac Sign Makeup For Your Sun Sign

Whether you believe in them or not, horoscopes and zodiac signs are fun to read about. If you are bored of choosing your makeup based on your undertones or your outfit, here is something fun and exciting you can try – zodiac sign makeup! Yup, you read that right!

Here are 12 zodiac makeup looks you can create to vibe with your stars.

1. Aries makeup look

Bold, fierce, and passionate, Aries are always ready for a challenge. Aries love adventure and do not mind charging headfirst into life, their symbol is a ram after all. The perfect zodiac sign makeup look for an Aries has to be daring and dramatic. Make a statement with a deep and rich dark red lipstick. Keep your face makeup simple to balance the lipstick and create a classic winged eyeliner look to finish the eyes. Add tons of mascara for voluminous lashes and finish off with a touch of blinding highlight.

2. Taurus makeup look

An Earth sign, Taurus loves all things subtle and natural. Instead of creating a riot of colours on your face, opt for an au naturel zodiac sign makeup with earthy tones. Start by prepping your skin with a blurring primer to minimize texture and reduce the appearance of large, open pores. Go in with a lightweight foundation or ditch it entirely and just apply concealer to let your skin shine through. Use the Maybelline Foundation Finder tool to find your exact concealer shade match. Give your skin a sun-kissed look by adding a touch of peach blush and a soft highlighter. Keep your eyes subtle by just using kajal and eyeliner and lightly fill in your brows to give them some shape. Colour your pout with a nude lipstick to tie the zodiac makeup look together.

3. Gemini makeup look

Geminis are not afraid to try something new – from ombre lips to bright eyeshadow looks, they can do it all. Use vibrant eyeshadow colours to create show stopping eye makeup looks, and top it off with some bold eyeliner styles if you want to go the extra mile. Pair it with a fuchsia lipstick go crazy with the contrasting colours. If there is one sign that can overdo the makeup according to their zodiac and still look amazing, it’s Gemini. Don’t worry about shocking colour combos and over the top looks, your sign is meant for some double trouble! Still don’t believe us? test the fun colour combinations for yourself on the Maybelline Virtual Try On tool!

4. Cancer makeup look

Ruled by the moon, Cancers love all things white and silver. The perfect zodiac sign makeup for this gentle and caring sign is something shimmery and metallic. Give your eyes an ethereal touch by colouring your lids with a soft, silver eyeshadow. Line your waterline with brown eyeliner to keep the focus on your frosty lids. Apply a lengthening mascara to finish off your eye makeup look. Since your eyes are dreamy and pale, bring some colour back to your face by adding a pink blush. Instead of lipstick, opt for a tinted lip balm to balance the bright eyeshadow shades.

5. Leo makeup look

Glamorous, confident, and fiery, Leos are not afraid of making a statement. A gold and bronzy zodiac makeup is perfect for this diva to bring out her inner lioness. From gold eyeshadow to a golden highlight, this makeup look is incomplete without some extra glitz and glam. Use a bronzer to add some warmth to your face and contour your cheekbones to give them a chiseled look. For the lips, opt for a satin or creamy matte lipstick and dust some highlighter on top to go bold. Avoid using pink or red blushes, stick to warm tones of peach and terracotta instead. Skip the black eyeliner and smoke your lash line with brown eyeshadow for some extra oomph.

6. Virgo makeup look

Virgos personify simplicity, purity, and innocence, so a simple, everyday girl-next-door style seems fitting for a Virgo makeup look. Start by adding a glow to your skin with a dewy primer and use a lightweight foundation to keep your base minimal yet flawless. Show off your natural beauty by adding just enough blush and contour to enhance your natural beauty. Keep your lip makeup simple by using a pink nude lipstick that gives you the “my lips but better” look. Let your eyelids be bare but use a gel eyeliner to create the smokey, smudged eyeliner effect. Get natural-looking, curled eyelashes by coating your lashes with a curling mascara, and your zodiac sign makeup is all done. Easy and minimal.

7. Libra makeup look

The charming, romantic, and alluring personality of Libra is often drawn to one colour – pink! Pink is hands down one of the easiest colours to wear, and that makes this zodiac sign makeup look a breeze. To create this look, mix some liquid highlighter with your foundation to give your skin a radiant glow from within. Next, dust a light pink blush on your cheeks for a naturally flushed look. For the eyes, brush some pink eyeshadow all over your lids and add a shimmery highlight to the inner corners to amp up this Libra makeup.

8. Scorpio makeup look

Scorpio makeup is an extension of their passionate, dramatic, and powerful personality – so choose some smoldering makeup to suit your style. And nothing says mysterious and sultry better than a dramatic smokey eyeshadow look. Use a dark black kajal and give your eyes a dramatic outline. Smoke out the lower lash line as well to intensify this zodiac sign makeup look. Achieve thick, dramatic lashes with a volumizing mascara and finish your eye makeup look with bold brows. Keep the base makeup simple and add a deep wine lipstick, perfect for conveying power and confidence. If the bold eyes and bold lip is a little too much for you, switch the lip colour for a soft brown lipstick instead.

9. Sagittarius makeup look

Restless and always on the move, a Sagittarius loves adventure and is all about having fun. So, the more vibrant and colourful your Sagittarius makeup, the better. Keep all eyes on your lips by painting it with a vivid orange lipstick. Spice up the eye makeup by drawing some glittery graphic eyeliner looks. Balance out the wild colours by creating a smooth, matte base. Set your foundation and concealer with a light layer of powder to add some extra coverage and get rid of shine. Nothing is off limits for your zodiac makeup look, so finish strong by adding a touch of purple or blue (or both!) eyeliner on your lower lash line.

10. Capricorn makeup look

If we had to suggest a synonym for Capricorns in the thesaurus, we’d pick convenience. Capricorns are creatures of simplicity and love flaunting makeup that is convenient, classic, and easy to wear. You do not need a beauty bag full of products for a Capricorn’s makeup routine. Create a flawless base by using a dewy foundation and a brightening concealer. Use a creamy pink lipstick on your eyes, cheek, and lips! What did we tell you – Capricorns are experts at achieving a full face of makeup with some staple products. Line your waterline with a brown eye pencil and use the same to lightly fill in your brows as well. Use a soft matte lip liner and lip balm to add some colour to your lips without making them look overdone. And there you have it, a super simple zodiac makeup that has its own unique charm.

11. Aquarius makeup look

While we can’t say for sure, we’d take a wild guess and say Frankenstein, the mad scientist, was an Aquarius! Eccentric and creative, an Aquarius loves to experiment and invent. They are  and quirky, they love breaking rules and if their zodiac makeup look turns heads wherever they go, they are doing it right. If you are an Aquarius, exhibit your love for all things creative by experimenting with weird lipstick trends and bold eyeshadow looks. Play around with contrasting colours and textures to create an Aquarius makeup look that is as unique as your personality.

12. Pisces makeup look

Mystical and deeply mysterious, Pisces is drawn to all things reflective and shiny. A delicate zodiac sign makeup look complete with iridescent shades and jewel tones is perfect for this water sign. For a gleaming makeup reminiscent of the aquatic life, use shades of blue and green on the eyes, the shinier, the better. Keep your face makeup dewy and radiant and spritz some makeup setting spray throughout the day to keep your skin looking fresh and hydrated all day long. Add a shimmery blush to the apples of your cheek and swipe some nude liquid matte lipstick to complete the look.

If you’re a Gemini who loves the simplicity of Capricorn’s makeup or if your Virgo personality loves eccentric eyeliner styles, go crazy with these looks and mix and match them to create a style that is uniquely yours!

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