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This Is The Perfect Zodiac Eye Makeup Look For Your Sign

This Is The Perfect Zodiac Eye Makeup Look For Your Sign

If you have been wanting to step outside your comfort zone but don’t know what new eye makeup look to create, your stars have got you covered! Not sure what we are talking about? Keep reading for some fun zodiac eye makeup looks the constellations want you to try.

1. Aries

The first sign of the zodiac is also the first to jump on a new trend’s bandwagon. This fire sign is not afraid of making a statement and loves the attention, so a bold red eyeshadow is perfect if you really want to stand out. To take this zodiac sign eyeshadow a step further, create a trendy, futuristic eyeliner style with a sketch pen eyeliner and you are bound to fetch some compliments wherever you go.  

2. Taurus

You don’t need much to impress this laid-back zodiac. Give them an earthy zodiac eye makeup look with brown and nude eyeshadows and they will rock it with ease. To spice up the look and amplify the warm undertones, smoke out the lower lash line with a brown eyeliner and finish the Taurus eyeshadow look with a lengthening mascara.

3. Gemini

Draw a wing, and make it double! Create a base with a bright eyeshadow shade and make this zodiac sign’s eye makeup look twice as nice with a double winged eyeliner style. Using a gel eyeliner, draw a wing along both, your top and bottom lash line, and sweep some mascara on your lashes to give them some extra length and volume.

4. Cancer

This sign is ruled by the moon, so it comes as no surprise that the perfect zodiac eyeshadow look for a Cancer is one with lots of whites and silvers. If you have never worn white eyeshadow before, here is an easy hack to experiment with the colour without going OTT. Keep your eyelids bare and use a black eyeliner to line your eyes as you normally would. Then take a white liquid eyeliner and trace the black line, keeping your white eyeliner as thin and precise as possible. This eyeliner style adds a touch of white to your zodiac eye makeup while still keeping it subtle and wearable.

5. Leo

Leo’s zodiac eye makeup look is incomplete without lots and lots of gold! Create a showstopping eye makeup by applying a glittering gold eyeshadow all over your lids. Then add some depth and dimension to the eyes by smoking out some jet black kajal on the upper lash line. Use a volumizing mascara for thick and luscious lashes and go on with your night like the lioness that you are.

6. Virgo

An old-school at heart, this zodiac’s eye makeup needs to be classic and timeless. For a simple Virgo eyeshadow look, you don’t even need an eyeshadow! Prime your eyelids with a brightening concealer and set it with some loose powder. To illuminate your eyes without making them look unnatural, find a setting powder that exactly matches your skin tone. Answer a few questions of the Maybelline Foundation Finder tool if you do not know your face makeup shade. Next, go in with a shimmery champagne highlighter and apply it all over your eyelids to add a light sheen. Use a black liquid eyeliner to create some classic wings and finish it off with the vintage arched eyebrows.

7. Libra

Librans are all about balance – the scale is the perfect symbol for this zodiac. Pink eyeshadows will beautifully complement the charming and charismatic personality of a Libra. So, experiment with different shades of pink to create a soft and subtle zodiac sign eyeshadow look. Add a rose gold highlight to the inner corner and under the brow bone for a flattering shine. Give your lashes a natural-looking fluttery length with a lifting mascara to complete the look.

8. Scorpio

The dark and alluring personality of Scorpio needs an equally intense eye makeup look that is bold and unafraid. If we had to name this zodiac sign as an eyeshadow look, it would be a sultry smokey eye. Create an intense black smokey eye makeup and define your eyes with loads of kajal to go the extra mile. For an added pizzazz, coat your eyelashes with a waterproof mascara that will give your lashes some much needed drama.

9. Sagittarius

The queens of colour blocking, a Sagittarius loves nothing more than some fun and wild adventure. Ditch the nudes and pinks for a bright green eyeshadow that will complement your adventurous streak. Balance out the vivid zodiac sign eye makeup hue with a brown on your lower lash line. This Sagittarius eyeshadow look is a fool-proof way of spicing up your makeup without looking crazy. Not sure if green is your shade? Test the colour on your eyes in real time and from the comfort of your home using the Maybelline Virtual Try On tool. The Maybelline Virtual Try On tool is a quick and easy way to experiment with different Maybelline eye, face, and lip makeup products with zero commitment.

10. Capricorn

Simple yet elegant, Capricorns crave convenience. The perfect zodiac sign eye makeup look for this minimalist sign is one that can easily be switched from day to night. Bring in the warmth to the Capricorn eyeshadow look by using an orange and terracotta-toned eyeshadow palette. Recreate the sunset eyeshadow look if you want to take it up a notch and complete the artistic eye makeup with a curling mascara that gives your lashes dramatic curls from day to night.

11. Aquarius

Creative, witty, and always down for some fun, an Aquarius is not afraid of challenges. Add an quirky twist to your zodiac eye makeup by creating some intricate graphic eyeliner designs on your eyelids. But why stop there, instead of drawing everything with black liner, add a few strokes of your favourite glitter eye pencil to really jazz up the look.

12. Pisces

Quirky and easy-going, this zodiac sign’s eye makeup needs to be creative and shiny – these people are like whimsical mermaids deep down! Use aquatic colours like blue, sea green, and purple for a refreshing zodiac eyeshadow look. Top it off with a glossy eyeliner to keep your makeup mystical. You can also dust some loose shimmer on the centre of your eyelids to make your makeup even more magical.

These zodiac sign eye makeup looks are a great place to start, but our rules are meant to be broken. Feel free to transcend boundaries and experiment with all the different styles to find one that matches your personality!

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