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Liquid Foundation Or Powder Foundation: Which One Should You Choose?

Liquid Foundation vs Powder Foundation

With all the different foundation formulas available in the market today like liquid foundation, foundation cream, powder foundation, etc. it is not easy picking just one. Do liquid foundations last longer? Do powder foundations dry your skin out? How to choose a foundation that checks all your boxes?

Most people tend to opt for liquid foundations, regardless of their skin types or needs. Powder foundations are often overlooked and are hardly ever people’s first choices. 

To help you branch out and experiment with different foundation types, here is a breakdown of foundation creams and powder foundations.

1. Liquid Foundation

The most commonly used foundations generally provide more coverage than powder foundations and are easy to apply and blend. That being said, liquid foundations also come in variety of coverage levels like sheer, medium, full, and HD. For example, the Maybelline Superstay Full Coverage Foundation is a high-pigment foundation that uses saturated colour pigments to deliver a concentrated coverage. This high-impact foundation is lightweight, long-lasting, and gives you a flawless full-coverage finish that lasts all day.

People with different skin types like oily, dry, and combination will find liquid foundations that suit their needs. Due to their high coverage, liquid foundations are great for correcting skin tone, covering up scars and blemishes, and giving you a smooth, even skin tone.

2. Powder Foundation

A powder foundation helps mattify your face and has light to medium coverage. These foundations are finely milled to get the soft texture that gives your skin an airbrushed look. Powder foundations can be layered on top of liquid or cream foundations and help set the makeup. Powder foundations also tend to provide slightly lesser coverage than liquid foundations.

The Maybelline Two Way Cake Powder Foundation is a unique powder foundation that can be used dry or wet! The Two Way Cake powder foundation offers an ultra-smooth poreless coverage that blurs pores on the face. You can increase the level of coverage by using it wet, whereas you can use it as a regular pressed or compact powder when dry. On mixing with water, the Two Way Cake transforms to a unique creamy texture that feels like a liquid foundation on the skin without looking cakey or patchy.

Since almost all powder foundations help control the shine on your face, they are generally preferred by people with oily skin. Powder foundations on dry skin can make the face look dull and flat. Some powder foundations, when used in excess, can also settle into your fine lines and wrinkles and emphasise the texture on your skin.

Now that you know more about liquid and powder foundations, which one should you choose? We at Maybelline recommend trying out both these formulas to find out what works best for you. Each foundation has its own pros and cons and you can work with either or both of them depending on your skin type and the kind of makeup look you are going for.

Head over to the Ultimate Foundation Guide for additional information about liquid foundations, powder foundations and so much more.

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