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Foundation Tips For Oily Skin

Tips for Foundation for Oily Skin

Foundation is key to any makeup look and if you have oily skin you know the struggle of finding the right one for your skin type. People with oily skin have an overactive sebaceous gland that produces extra sebum or oil. This leaves the skin looking greasy and shiny and can make it difficult for your makeup to stay put the entire day. The right foundation for oily skin will not only help you control the shine and give you a natural matte finish but will also be long-wearing. But just finding the best foundation for oily skin is not enough. How you apply the foundation makes a huge difference in the longevity of your makeup.

Here is a simple guide for you to make the foundation for oily skin last all day long.

1. Start With The Right Skincare

After you are done cleansing your skin with a mild cleanser, apply a toner. Toners help unclog your pores and balances the oil production in your skin. Having oily skin does not mean you can skip moisturiser. Once you are done applying a toner, use a moisturiser that is specially formulated for oily skin. Moisturisers improve your skin's hydration and add moisture to your skin, making it a must-have, even for people with oily skin. Hydrating your skin with a lightweight moisturiser will give you a smooth base for your makeup application.

2. Use A Primer

People often tend to overlook primer but using a good primer not only fills in the large and open pores and minimizes their appearance but also extends the wear of your foundation. Primers prep your skin by creating a smooth and even canvas for you to apply your makeup on. The Maybelline Master Primer is formulated with a water-soluble base and active ingredients that will refine the look and feel of your skin and makeup that lasts all day.

3. Matte Foundation Works Best For Oily Skin

When looking for a foundation for oily skin in India, avoid foundations that have a dewy or satin finish. These foundations will make your oily skin look shinier. Instead, look for foundations that have a matte or a natural matte finish. For example, you can try the Maybelline Fit Me Matte+Poreless Foundation if you have oily skin. Its non-comedogenic formula refines pores for a flawlessly matte and natural-looking finish. Available in 18 unique shades, the Fit Me Matte+Poreless foundation is a perfect fit for the diverse Indian skin tones, even during summers.

One thing to keep in mind is that how you apply the foundation matters just as much. Whether you are going for a natural everyday look or for something more glam, remember to work in light layers and build the coverage up to your desired level. Slapping on thick layers will not make your foundation high coverage, it will just make it appear cakey. To apply the foundation, use a foundation brush or a makeup sponge to light dab the foundation all across your face and blend till you have a uniform and seamless coverage.

4. Set Your Foundation With A Powder

Liquid foundations tend to slip and slide across your face and crease throughout the day if not correctly set. Having skin only makes this problem worse. To prevent your foundation from budging, set your makeup with a loose or pressed setting powder. To apply, swirl a big and fluffy powder brush into the powder, tap off the excess, and lightly dust the powder all across your face. Pay extra attention to your T-zone as this area tends to get oilier than the rest of your face.

The Maybelline Fit Me Loose Finishing Powder is designed to help control shine and smooth your skin’s texture. This lightweight mineral powder provides the perfect finishing touch to your makeup base. It adds a hint of colour for a seamless natural look and helps keep the oil and shine in check.

5. Lock Your Makeup In Place With A Setting Spray

You are now at the last step of your makeup. Once you are done applying the rest of your makeup like your blush, bronzer, and highlight, it is time to set it in place. Use the Maybelline Lasting Fix Setting Spray to lock in and extend your makeup with a matte finish that lasts all day. The ultralight formula of the Lasting Fix setting spray controls extra shine and prevents makeup for melting or fading.

To apply, shake the bottle well and hold eight to ten inches away from your face. Close your eyes and spray four to six times around your face, avoiding the eyes and lips area.

Oily skin is not always easy to work with but we hope these five simple steps help you achieve a flawless foundation look. Using the right foundation for oily skin and following the above mentioned steps in the correct order will prevent your foundation from getting greasy and melting away as the day goes on. Head over the Maybelline India website and check out the Fit Me Matte+Poreless Foundation and the Fit Me range of products to enjoy a natural-matte finish and put your best face forward.

Here are some more foundation tips for oily skin.

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