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Master The Kajal Smokey Eye Look

Master The Kajal Smokey Eye Look

Sultry, sexy and ravishing are truly perfect descriptors for the smokey eye look. While new makeup trends come and go, a deep and perfectly blended black smokey eye amps up your party night look unlike any other. As beautiful as this eye look is, it can get a little tricky to master. We are here to help you ace this look with one simple and staple product from your makeup bag, your kajal. Using a kajal for smokey eyes will give you a deep, dark eye look that will last you through the night. Here is a guide that will help you achieve the kajal smokey eyes with ease.

How to achieve kajal smokey eyes?

Follow the below step by step breakdown to ace your kajal smokey eye look.

Step 1: Prep your lids

While applying primer to your face, make sure you use it to prime your lids as well. Applying primer to your eyelids will make sure that your eyelids are smoothened. If you have oily lids, try using a mattifying primer. This will ensure that your kajal smokey eye stays in place all day and doesn’t smudge or budge!

Step 2: Neutralize your eyelids

While creating a kajal smokey eye look, it is always best to dust some brown eyeshadow on your eyes before you begin applying black kajal. This creates a smoother base and it doesn’t look too stark or unblended. Take a brown eyeshadow closest to your skin tone, and with a fluffy eyeshadow brush dust it on your lids and blend well. Once your eyeshadow is well blended, we can move to the next step.

Pro tip: While using a kajal for smokey eyes, it is always advisable, to begin with, your eye makeup before your face makeup. This enables you to rectify any errors that may occur. You can also clean any fallout and sharpen your eyeshadow using some foundation and concealer. If you’re having trouble finding your perfect foundation and concealer shade, we have a solution for you. You can use the Fit Me Foundation Finder tool and virtually find the perfect shade for your base makeup from the comfort of your home.

Step 3: It’s time to add some kajal

Take your super black kajal and start lining your lid with the kajal. After you have placed the kajal, take a dense eyeshadow brush and begin smudging it across your lid. Smudge the kajal using circular motions for a cleaner and neater finish. Make sure you apply kajal in small sections on your eyelid and smudge it out well. If you accidentally apply too much kajal, it may look messy and also become very difficult to blend. This is why it is advisable to apply kajal in smaller sections and blend well. You can always add more if you want to make it more intense and bold. Remember to blend your kajal outwards to create a smoked out look.

Pro tip: When you attempt to create a smokey eye look using your kajal, it is best to use a creamy black kajal. A creamy kajal is one of the best kajal for smokey eyes, as it will blend easily and also create a very creaseless final look.

Step 4: Finishing touches

If you want your kajal smokey eyes to stay in place for a long time, you can simply use some black eyeshadow to set it. A powder black eyeshadow will ensure your kajal is set and won’t move around through the day. Take some kajal and smoke out your lower lash line next. This will tie the eye look together and make it look cohesive. If you want to add more drama to your kajal smokey eyes, you can add some eyeliner to your eyelids as well. If you want the look to be extra dramatic, you can create a sharp winged eyeliner. To finish your eye look, add a few coats of your mascara and fill in your eyebrows. This will create a sultry and bold smokey eye look.

Now that you’re done creating the perfect smokey eye look with your kajal, you can start working on your face makeup. After applying foundation and concealer, the next step would be to chisel your face. Using your contour, make sure you sculpt your face well to add drama to your ensemble. Add some blush and highlight to seal the deal. If you’re having trouble choosing a lipstick shade to match your smokey eye look, you can use the Maybelline Virtual Try On tool. With this tool, you can virtually try out all products in real-time and pick your favourites. After finishing your lip makeup with some lipstick, you can use a setting spray to set your final smokey eye makeup look in place!

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