The Double Winged Eyeliner Guide to Create An Incredible Statement 

The Double Winged Eyeliner Guide to Create An Incredible Statement 

If you believe two is better than one, then the double-winged eyeliner trend is for you. Yes, you guessed it right - the double-winged eyeliner look features two wings instead of one. Double eyeliner styles have been gaining immense popularity as they deliver the best of both worlds, i.e., a striking look and a style that can be worn every day too. And, the best part about this eyeliner trend is that it looks attractive on all types of eyes, regardless of their shape, and size, and enhances them with ease. What’s more? You can create the double-winged eyeliner look in a million ways. So, now is the time for you to give this cutting-edge beauty trend a try and we’re here to help. Below are some of the double-winged eyeliner styles that you should definitely experiment with to create an incredible statement.  

Detailed guide on different types of double eyeliner styles

Here is a step-by-step tutorial on how to create different types of double eyeliner looks:  

• Classic double-winged eyeliner 

One of the simplest ways to achieve the double eyeliner look is by opting for the straightforward, classic double-winged eyeliner look. Here’s how you can achieve it –  


Step 1 – Prep your eyes by applying a primer or a light layer of concealer over your lids and around your eyes.  


Step 2 – Use liquid eyeliner to line your upper lash. To create a wing, drag the line towards your temples at the out corners. The best way to create a sharp tip is by using an angled eyeliner brush. You can also do so with an eyeliner stencil.  


Step 3 – Use the same eyeliner or a different shade for a unique touch. Start at the outer corner of the lower lash and create a line parallel to the first one. Leave some space between them. This helps to make your eyes appear more awake. Pull the second wing slightly more outside of the previous one to create an ultra-lifted look. Make it sharp.  


Step 4 – To give your double-winged eyeliner look additional definition and the perfect finish, trace the inner corners of your eyes in a triangular shape, and don’t forget to apply mascara.  

• Reverse cat eyeliner

The reverse cat eyeliner starts below the lower lash line. It keeps the wing element, but it connects from underneath the eye, unlike the traditional winged eyeliner look. Here’s how to create it –


Step 1 – Prep your eyes as usual. Then, starting from the centre of your eye, use an eyeliner pencil and pull a line that extends towards your outer corners.  


Step 2 – Use a flat brush towards the end to blend the line into a smokey wing.  


Step 3 – Shape the wing and join it to your upper eyelid.  


Step 4 – Apply some more eyeliner strokes to thicken up and define the wing further and add more drama to the eyes with a few coats of volumizing mascara. And, there you have the stunning reverse cat eyeliner look. 

• Layered double-winged eyeliner 

If you wish to create a show-stopping eye makeup look, the layered eyeliner is for you. Using multiple eyeliners and some creativity is all you need to create this eye-catchy look. Here’s how you can excel in it –  


Step 1 – Once done prepping, draw a line starting at the inner corner of your eye. Thicken the line as you work your way toward the outer corner of your eye. Once you reach there, pull the line up at an angle, going just past the end of your eyebrow.  


Step 2 – Once you have completed your wing, create an outline. Start below your inner corner, from the centre of your waterline, and draw a thin line that extends towards your nose.  


Step 3 – Outline your upper lid until the eyeliner meets the wing.  


Step 4 – Use a coloured eyeliner shade of your choice and fill in the space on your upper lid. Enhance the look with the mighty strokes of a lengthening mascara. You can choose shades depending on your mood or outfit. Voila! This enigmatic double-wing liner is done! 


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