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Soft or Dramatic, Which Glam Makeup Look Do You Prefer?

Glam Makeup Looks - Maybelline India

We all love and cherish our no-makeup days! However, we also await the days when we can get our beauty quotient high and rock glam looks like a pro. If you think they are just good for the runway, it is time to think again. A full glam makeup look can make you look polished and add so much personality to your ensemble. However, we understand that an out-there glam makeup look may not suit every occasion. This is where we, your fairy godmothers coming in for your rescue! We are here with a guide on how you can perfect the natural soft glam makeup look and also master the traditional glam makeup look, which is sure to give your beauty routine a makeover.

1. Soft glam makeup look

A soft glam makeup look is one that almost makes you look ethereal. It is about accentuating the features of your face as opposed to loading it with makeup.

• For the perfect natural soft glam makeup, start by using a pore-filling primer for a diffused look.

• Use a very light layer of foundation and concealer in your closest shade. To choose the right shade, you can use the Maybelline Foundation Finder tool or the Maybelline Fit Me Finder tool. These tools assess your undertone and skin tone and recommend shades that fit you perfectly!

• Set your foundation and concealer with a light dusting of pressed powder. Next, add some blush and highlighter to your face for a healthy glow.

• For your eye makeup, keeping it simple is the best. Use a light dusting of matte eyeshadow every day. You can add a subtle shimmer shade to your lids while stepping out.

• For the next step of your soft glam makeup look, add a thin line of eyeliner. You can use a brown coloured eyeliner for a softer look. Load your lashes with some lengthening mascara for a wispy look!

• Don’t forget to fill in your eyebrows, this will add definition to your face.

• Finish off your soft glam makeup with a muted lipstick You can also use a tinted lip balm and creamy lipstick to create a beautiful ombre lip makeup look of your choice.

2. Dramatic glam makeup look

A dramatic glam makeup will surely make you confident and bold! It is a full glam makeup look that encompasses slightly tricky makeup techniques. As opposed to soft glam makeup, you use slightly darker and bolder colours for your dramatic glam makeup. If you want to get your full glam makeup on, here is how you can do it:

• Start by using a dewy primer as it will add a glow from within effect to your full glam makeup

• Next, use a full coverage foundation and concealer, and dot it across your face. Blend it thoroughly so you have an even look!

• With your contour stick accentuate your cheekbones and jawline. This will help add structure to your face, which will elevate your dramatic glam makeup.

• It is time to set your full glam makeup with some loose powder. If you face a problem with under eye creasing, you can also bake with some powder. This will ensure your makeup looks flawless all day.

• Add some blush and highlighter for the beaming look. As the last step of your face makeup, set it all in with some setting spray.

• When it comes to a dramatic glam makeup look, your eyes will always steal the show! You can experiment with different types of eye looks and create several looks. From a subtle cut crease to graphic eyeliners, you can do so much with your eye makeup! If you are unsure of which colours to choose for your eye makeup, the Maybelline Virtual Try On tool is a great tool for you! It enables you to virtually try out different products, so you can try them before you buy them!

• Depending on which look you create, you can pair it with mascara and kajal.

• Don’t forget to do your eyebrows as it will make your dramatic glam makeup, look even better!

• Seal the deal of your full glam makeup with a lipstick shade of your choice! Deep reds, bright pinks or a chocolatey brown you can take your pick. If you’re unsure about your lip colour, you can use the Maybelline Lipstick Finder tool. This tool will recommend you the perfect lip colour based on your occasion and mood!

Whichever style of glam makeup look your choose, it can be completely transforming! So it is time for you to experiment with your makeup and look beautiful as ever. So for your next rendezvous, which look do you pick - Natural soft glam makeup or full glam makeup?

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