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Here are 4 things you can use to perfect your makeup without brushes!

Makeup Without Brushes - Maybelline India

Imagine this, you’re packing for a weekend wedding. You’ve managed to fit all your heavy outfits, jewellery and makeup into your luggage. You squeeze your hair tools and makeup bag into your carry on. But in the hustle-bustle of packing, you forget to pack one of the most essential items - makeup brushes. The nightmare of the makeup lover in you has come true. How will you ace your makeup without the right brushes? You even consider buying new ones, but there is no time! Before you start to panic, take a deep breath because we are here with the perfect solution. We are here with the perfect guide on how you can do your makeup without brushes, and still look flawless as ever!

1. Fingers

There is nothing like the efficiency of clean fingers to apply your makeup. Your fingers can be your best friend when you don’t have access to makeup brushes. In fact, several makeup artists prefer using their fingers to do certain steps while doing the makeup for their clients. If you’re wondering, “How to apply foundation on the face with fingers?” or “How to apply concealer with fingers?” we have the perfect guide.

Foundation - The crucial step to acing your makeup look is making sure your foundation is well blended. And when you have to do your makeup without brushes, the best way to ensure a perfect base is to use your fingers. After you have used primer to prep your skin, dot a small quantity of foundation across your face and neck. Blend that in with the help of your index finger. You can use circular and upward dabbing motions to make sure the foundation is well blended. If you need additional coverage, you can layer more foundation on top of it.

Concealer - Once your foundation has set into place, dot some concealer under your eyes and on any pigmentation that you want to conceal. Wondering how to apply concealer with fingers? It’s quite simple! Blend the concealer in outward strokes. This will ensure the product blends well into the skin without looking streaky. Another pro tip is to slightly warm the product with your fingers before applying it to your face. This will make sure the product melts into your skin!

Cream contour - To blend your contour makeup without brushes, start by dotting the cream contour under your cheekbones and below your jawline. Blend the contour with your ring finger using a downward motion. This will help create a subtle shadow and give you a sharp look!

Eyeshadow - The process of how to apply eyeshadow with fingers is the simplest! Start by dipping your ring finger in a matte eyeshadow and apply it across your lid. With the same process, apply a shimmery eyeshadow across your lids and blend well with your fingers. This will help you create a simple eye look, that looks stunning!

2. Tissue

While fingers are your true MVP while doing your makeup without brushes, using them to apply powder products for your face makeup can be tricky. Tissues can come in super handy in situations like these! Applying blush, bronzer and highlighter with soft tissues is super-efficient. Simply swirl the tissue lightly in the product and remove the excess product at the back of your hand. Place the product gently on the desired areas and buff it with dabbing motions.

3. Q-tip

A small but mighty tool, a q-tip is super useful for doing your makeup when you are in a fix. The sharp end of the q-tip can be used to smudge out your kajal for a smokey look. It is also useful to use a q tip for makeup You can use it to sharpen your eyeliner or fix the bleeding of your lipstick. You can also create a subtle cut crease look by using q tips for makeup. Add dark eyeshadow to your crease with a q tip for a precise application. You can use the other end of the q tip to diffuse the pigment and give it a flawless finish!

4. Cotton ball

After you are done with your makeup, it is super important to set it all in place. Using a cotton ball for makeup is super handy in this situation. Dip your cotton ball in your pressed powder or loose powder and swipe it across your face. This will deposit the right amount of product and ensure you get a smooth finish with your makeup!

While you can create beautiful looks with Maybelline products, we have also listed a few virtual tools that will help you choose your makeup products better.

• If you are struggling to find your perfect foundation and concealer shade match, the Maybelline Fit Finder tool and Maybelline Foundation Finder tool will be of great help to you. With this tool, you can find a shade that fits you just right and have a foundation, concealer and powder shade that is meant for you!

• If you’re unsure of how a product will look on you, the Maybelline Virtual Try On tool, lets you try out our wide catalogue of products from the comfort of your home. Simply choose the category of product you want to try virtually and buy the ones you like.

• If you’re confused about which lipstick shade you should pick, the Maybelline Lipstick Finder tool is perfect for you. It picks the perfect lipstick shade based on the occasion and your mood!

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