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Makeup Ideas For Halloween Party You Must Try

Haloween Makeup

Halloween is coming your way, which means it's time to dust off your cape and get your resting witch face on. Halloween is the ‘makeup highlight of the year’, an occasion when you can transform yourself into anything with the right kind of makeup. You can create your entire Halloween party makeup with just the products in your makeup bag. Whether you are celebrating the occasion over a zoom meeting or an intimate get-together, here is all the inspiration you need and some spooky makeup ideas for Halloween to celebrate this Halloween.

Clown makeup

To achieve this look, start your face makeup with a matte primer to create a smooth, even base and give your complexion a non-greasy finish. Follow this step by using full coverage foundation that will last all night. Next, get a flawless Halloween makeup look by applying some brightening concealer for a radiant yet natural finish. Find your perfect concealer shade match with the Maybelline Foundation Finder tool and go for a shade or two lighter to get the perfect clown makeup. Give yourself the joker Halloween makeup up by adding red circles to the apples of your cheeks and your nose with a bright red lipstick. For the eyes, shape your brows well, add a vivid green eyeshadow shade on your entire eyelid, and complete this step by using kajal to enhance your eyes. Use a red lipstick to overdraw your lips and create a creepy and sinister clown makeup look.

Witch makeup

For achieving the Halloween witch makeup, start by keeping your base makeup as usual and play around with your foundation. Apply foundation over your eyebrows to conceal them and then draw very skinny eyebrows with a creamy eyebrow pencil. Take your Halloween witch makeup  a notch higher by using a long-lasting kajal to make a mole on your cheek, which is a common practice for the witch look. Use a black eyeshadow for a bold eye makeup and for dramatic and thick lashes, apply a waterproof mascara that will last all night. Complete your look with a wine lipstick and you are all set to work your magic. and your all set to work your magic.

Vampire makeup

Create the famous vampire Halloween makeup look by applying your base makeup as you always do. Add some dramatic definition to your Halloween makeup by contouring your cheekbones and jawline and blend it well so that your face makeup doesn’t look muddy. Add sharpness to your look by using the contour stick on the hollows of your cheeks and nose for a chiseled look. Do your eye makeup by using the black eyeshadow and blend it with a red eyeshadow or creamy lipstick for creating a smokey eye look. Intensify your lower lash line with a bold eyeliner and smoke it out with some black eyeshadow. Next, use a flat angled brush to create streaks of red tears running down from your eyes with a red lipstick. This brush will help you create precise streaks. Follow this step by using the same lipstick, or a shade darker to color your lips and don’t forget to create streaks of blood running down from your mouth for a crazy, scary Halloween makeup look. You can also fake cuts or bruises on your neck with the same lipstick. If you wish to go for a deeper and more dramatic look, draw long teeth on the corner of your mouth with a pencil eyeliner.

Finalize your makeup ideas for Halloween by using the Maybelline Virtual Try-On tool that helps you experiment with various face, eye and lip makeup products and shades from the comfort of your home. This will make the process a lot easier without even you having to spend a penny. Get ready for Halloween 2021 with Maybelline and have all eyes on you! Want even more Halloween makeup looks? Here is how you can create a last-minute angel or devil makeup look for your next Halloween party!

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