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Primer Makeup 101 – All You Need To Know About This Makeup Must Have

Primer Makeup 101 – All You Need To Know About This Makeup Must Have

From smoothening your skin and reducing skin texture to helping you get long and voluminous lashes without using falsies, primer makeup can do all of this, and more! If you are one of those who believe primer creams are a fad and you can do without it, keep reading to know how the right primer makeup can transform your makeup game and keep you looking flawless all day long.

What is primer makeup?

Primer cosmetic is a base makeup product that smoothens out texture on your face, fills in lines and cracks, blurs large pores, improves the wear and longevity of your makeup, makes it easy for the products to glide on, and improves the overall look and feel of your makeup.

To prime a surface is to get the surface ready for use – think of the wall primers people put up before painting their homes! That is exactly what primer cosmetics do as well, they get your skin (or your lashes and lips) ready for the makeup and give you an even makeup application every time. Depending on the type of primer makeup you use, they are available in a lot of different formulas and textures like liquid, cream, mousse, gel, jelly, mist, etc.

What are the different types of primer makeup?

Here is a comprehensive guide of different types of primer cosmetics so that you know what primer to pick for your needs –

• Face Primer

What is face primer you ask? Probably the most popular type of primer makeup that people all around the world use is the one that makes it possible to achieve flawless face base makeup! Face primers are great for prepping the skin and creating a smooth and even base for the makeup to work its magic on.

o Foundation primer

Use this face primer makeup before your foundation and concealer to enhance the performance of your face makeup products. From controlling excess shine to adding a dewy glow, from minimizing the signs of ageing to filling in large pores, foundation primers cater to a lot of different skin types and needs. So, whether your dull skin needs a boost of brightness or your parched face needs some instant hydration, there is a primer cream out there for you. For your au naturel makeup days, you can skip the foundation and go straight in with a concealer, a touch of highlighter and setting powder on top of the face primer makeup to conceal imperfections while still allowing your skin to peak through. Green colour correcting primers are perfect for cancelling out any redness on your face and giving your skin a luminous glow from within. Use the Maybelline Foundation Finder tool and answer a couple of quick and easy questions to find the exact shade match of your base makeup products so you can rock the no-makeup makeup look like a pro. To find the best face primer, make sure to understand your skin type and choose one that targets specific skin concerns and issues that you want to address.

o Under-eye primer

Specifically created for the delicate under-eye area, under-eye primers intensely hydrate the skin and prevent the foundation and concealer from settling into the fine lines and wrinkles. Under-eye primers are also formulated to brighten the eye contours, making your complexion appear radiant, fresh, and well-rested. Some primer creams are also infused with ingredients that depuff tired eyes! If you have particularly dry under eyes that are prone to creasing, you need to invest in a moisturising under-eye primer to give your eye contours a hydration boost and keep your makeup in place all day.

• Eye Primer

Adding extra primer makeup products for each part of your face seems excessive, we understand, but these seemingly unimportant products can transform your eye makeup look and make your makeup go on better and last longer.

o Eyeshadow primer

When you do not prime your eyelids before going in with an eyeshadow colour, the eye makeup tends to budge and fade over time. Eyelids can also get greasy as the day progresses, causing your eyeshadow to crease and look like a hot mess. To prevent your hard work from going to waste, remember to lay down an eyeshadow base before starting your eye makeup. Apply an eyeshadow primer all over your eyelid to ensure that your eye makeup look stays in place all day without smudging, fading, or creasing. Adding an eyeshadow base also makes it much easier to blend different colours on top, especially when working with vibrant shades.

But wait there is more, applying a clear eyeshadow base can also help lock your eyeliner or kajal in place. Imagine finally achieving a bold, dramatic winged eyeliner only to watch it smudge off in a couple of hours, the horror! Applying eyeliner or kajal on top of an eye primer will help you get a crisp and even application, so definitely give this hack a try.

o Eyelash primer

Yes, you read that right – there is indeed a lash primer that you can apply before going in with mascara to boost the length and volume of your eyelashes. The mascara primer creates an even base on your lashes so the mascara can glide smoothly on top, giving you a fluttery fringe that is not clumpy and heavy. Some eyelash primers also nourish your lashes and make them less brittle.

o Eyebrow primer

Another makeup magnet that helps the product adhere to the base better, an eyebrow primer is essential if you want to increase the lifespan of your eyebrow pencil. Relatively uncommon, eyebrow primers are perfect if you want to get bold and dramatic brows that do not smudge or fade away as the day progresses. If you do not want to step out and buy a separate eyebrow primer, simply use an eyelash primer or a clear eyeshadow primer to get some major #BrowsOnFleek.

• Lip Primer

How many times have you gone about your day as usual and then looked at yourself in the mirror only to realize that the stunning lip makeup you had in the morning has faded away, leaving behind an unsightly outline on your lips! If your lipstick never seems to last as long as you want it to, you need to prime your pout with a lip primer. Lip primers are great for improving not only the longevity but also the vibrancy of your lipsticks. Some lip primers also hydrate and nourish your lips, perfect for those who want the look of a powder matte liquid lipstick without the feeling of one. Lip primers also prevent your creamy lipsticks from creasing or feathering out of your natural lip line.

Now that you know what is primer makeup and what it does, it is time to have some fun with makeup with the Maybelline Virtual Try On tool. Give yourself a virtual makeover while at home and test out the different Maybelline face, eyes, and lip makeup products to try new looks before creating them on yourself. And equipped with the right primer, you know these makeup products will last all day!

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