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7 Setting Powder Hacks To Level Up Your Makeup Routine

7 Setting Powder Hacks To Level Up Your Makeup Routine

Growing up, most of us have used our mom’s compact powder as face makeup and called it a day. But did you know this humble powder makeup can do so much more than just setting your liquid foundation and creating an even base. Here are 8 setting powder hacks that will help you get the most out of your favourite Maybelline face powder.

1. Mattify your lipstick

Love the look of a matte liquid lipstick but don’t have any on hand? Lock in your creamy lipsticks and transform them to a transfer-proof matte lipstick by dusting some loose powder on top. First, apply your lipstick as you normally would and place a thin, single ply tissue paper gently against your lips. Next, dip a powder brush into the face powder and lightly swirl it over the tissue paper above your lips. Take off the tissue and voila! Your lips are now matte and will stay in place all day. You can also apply a compact powder directly on your lips to mattify your lipstick shade.

2. Get dramatic lashes

This setting powder tip will help you add volume to your lashes and get bold and dramatic lashes without needing any falsies! Piling on layers and layers of mascara will make your lashes look clumpy. Instead, apply a coat of your mascara and while the product is still wet, sprinkle some loose powder on your lashes and go over this with another coat of mascara. The lightweight buildup of the face powder will make your lashes appear thick without any weigh down.

3. Tone down your blush and bronzer

Let’s be honest – we all like adding lots of blush and bronzer to our face makeup to add a rosy flush to our cheeks and get a sun-kissed complexion. But it is easy to go overboard and add too much colour to your face and that is not a good look for anybody. Instead of wiping your entire makeup off and starting from scratch, all you need to do is apply a light layer of a translucent powder over the blush and bronzer to tone down the excess colour. Make sure the compact powder matches your skin tone as the last thing you want is to draw even more attention to your cheeks. Use the Maybelline Foundation Finder tool to find the exact shade match for your face makeup products. To test out the shade match, you can use the Maybelline Virtual Try On tool and also give yourself a virtual eye, face, and lip makeup with your favourite Maybelline products.

4. Make your eyeliner last long

Before creating eyeliner looks with an eyeliner pencil or kajal, dust some loose powder on your eyelids to set the lids and create a matte base. Once your eyelids are mattified, go over it with your eyeliner pencil and outline your upper lash line. This setting powder hack keeps your eyeliner from smudging and transferring on the eyelid when you open your eyes. The loose powder makeup also helps you set your eyelids after priming them with an eye primer or concealer.

5. Catch eyeshadow fallout

Creating eye makeup looks with bright eyeshadow colours and shimmery eyeshadows are fun, but they also often come with fallout that creates a mess on your cheekbones. One of the best face powder hacks to avoid running your face makeup with eyeshadow fallout is to add a generous layer of loose powder under each eye before starting your eye makeup. This loose powder layer catches all the fallout and once you are done creating a stunning eyeshadow look, simply use a large and fluffy powder brush to dust away the excess face powder.

6. Clean your brush

We know what you are thinking – clean a powder brush, with more powder? This setting powder tip is perfect for when you are traveling and do not want to carry multiple powder brushes with you. Picture this - you applied too much blush and want to fix it using the hack mentioned in #3 but now your one and only powder brush is pink! To clean your brush and get rid of the blush colour, simply swirl it in some loose powder. Take some loose powder in the lid and dab the brush in it to remove some of the pink pigment and there you have it – a convenient setting powder hack that can also be used to save you time from alternating between brushes!

7. Make your foundation last all day

While one of the main uses of compact powder is to set your liquid foundation and keep your foundation looking matte, did you know that applying the setting powder BEFORE your foundation will actually give you a flawless, airbrushed look and will keep your makeup in place all day? Don’t know what we are talking about? Check out This Viral Base Makeup Hack, especially if you have oily skin, and apply your base makeup products out of order to get a face makeup look that won’t budge!

And there you have it – 7 ways to use your compact powders and loose powders that go beyond just getting a matte base!

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