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Ace the inner corner eye makeup trend

Ace the inner corner eye makeup trend

Doing your eye makeup is probably the step in your makeup routine that takes the longest to perfect. The key to your eye makeup looking beautiful is blending it well. However, on some days we just don’t have the time for that! With your face being covered by a mask, your eyes have to do all the talking. Skipping out of doing your eye makeup isn’t an option anymore. If you’re in a rush and still want to add some drama to your eyes, give the inner corner eye makeup trend a whirl.

Inner corner eyeshadow makeup is a trend that has begun making the rounds again. It adds a pop to your whole look and makes your eyes look more open. Doing your inner eye makeup is a good way to play around with colour and your eye looks, especially if you’re a beginner. It is super simple to do and looks super chic.

We’ve spotted celebrities sporting this look and now you can do it too. You can play with colours that are more neutral or even jazz up your inner eye eyeshadow with some colour. Here are a couple of inner eye shadow ideas that you can recreate with ease and look gorgeous.

1. Sunshine yellow

A hint of the colour yellow is a great way to liven up any ensemble. It adds cheerfulness to any regular look. To create a yellow inner corner of your eye makeup, start by priming the lids. A primer will help you smoothen your lids and make your eyeshadow last longer. After priming your lids, dust some light matte eyeshadow across your eyelids. This will help neutralize your eyes and make your eye makeup cohesive. A tip would be to try and choose a matte shade closest to your natural skin colour. After this, simply pack some yellow eyeshadow on a dense fine eye brush and place it in your inner corner. Be careful and try to not get any pigment in your eye. Once you are happy with the placement, you can complete your eye look with a sharp eyeliner, kajal and some mascara. Don’t forget to fill in your eyebrows and look like sunshine itself!

You can repeat this same process with other colours like green and pink inner corner eyeshadow. With the inner corner eyeshadow trend, you can choose any colour depending on your mood and outfit. If you’re someone who isn’t a fan of a bold and colourful eye makeup look, for example, blue eyeshadow, you can experiment with a blue inner corner eye makeup. Just adding a hint of colour to your inner corner eye makeup can be a good replacement. It adds the perfect pop of colour without looking too in your face.

2. All that glitters

If you’re someone who has watched makeup tutorials on YouTube, we’re sure that you’re familiar with the beauty guru finishing their eye look with a touch of inner corner eyeshadow. Several makeup artists and beauty gurus swear by this technique. It adds dimension to your eyes and makes them look bigger.

Create an eye look of your choice and as the last step, place some glitter on the inner corner eyes. The glitter will bring your eye look together and also give it the extra touch of glam. A pro tip would be to use glitter that is fine and not too chunky. Chunky glitter as your inner corner eyeshadow can end up looking a little patchy. The best alternative to this would be to use your powder highlighter instead. Highlighters have an intense shine and fine glitter. Due to this, it makes for the perfect product for your inner eye makeup. You can also simply add some glitter to the inner corner eyes without doing an elaborate look. It’ll add a hint of shine and still look subtle.

If you don’t have colourful eyeshadows on hand, don’t worry. You can hop on the inner corner eyeshadow trend too. Simply take your neon liner or colourful kajal pencils, and apply them to your inner corner. This will help you create a beautiful neon inner corner look without you having to purchase a new palette. Don’t forget to set the inner corner with some loose powder. This will prevent it from smudging.

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