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Pick The Right Lipstick Shade for Every Occasion!

A Lipstick Guide For All

This product is a staple in the vanity of makeup enthusiasts as well as newbies. With this one product, you can bring your entire makeup look together. Yes, we’re talking about everyone’s favourite makeup product - Lipstick. Satin or matte, the perfect shade of lipstick can add the perfect oomph factor to your ensemble. However, picking the right shade of lipstick is a tricky game. If your lipstick is too bold, it may make you look too gaudy. We are here with a detailed guide that will help you choose the right lip colour for every occasion.

1. Lipstick shades for teenagers

The first two makeup products we use as teenagers is usually kajal and lipstick. These products are perfect for teenagers as they can be applied without a full face of heavy makeup. While choosing a colour for your lip makeup, the best lipstick shades for teenagers are muted tones of pink and nude.  A pink lipstick adds the perfect touch of colour, without making you look too mature. It is a youthful and vibrant lipstick shade for teenagers. If you aren’t a fan of pink lip colour, you can opt for your shade of nude. The perfect nude shade should match the rim of your lips and look very natural with and without heavy makeup. These colours are perfect lipstick shades for teenagers as they add the right amount of colour without looking too overpowering.

2. Lipstick shades for wedding

Weddings are the perfect time to experiment with your lip colour. From bold to muted, every lipstick colour can be the perfect lipstick shade for weddings. If you want to keep your makeup subdued for a daytime function, you can opt for a muted shade of brown or pink. If you want a poppy colour for a daytime wedding carnival, you can wear a bright coral or poppy pink.

For nighttime wedding functions, you can opt for deeper shades. Red, maroon or wine can be a great choice of lipstick shades for weddings. They add a touch of regal to your nighttime looks. Pair these deep lipstick shades for wedding with your lehenga and get ready to steal the show. With your face makeup of foundation, concealer, contour blush and highlighter, these lipstick shades stand out even more.

3. Lipstick shades for newly married

The newly wedded has to look the part, and what better way to glam up than adding a touch of colour to your lips. While building your makeup trousseau you can add a range of colours like deep pink, bright red and a bold maroon. These colours will make for the perfect lipstick shades for newly married. They will add freshness to your post-marriage looks, and complement all your gatherings and looks.

4. Lipstick shades for office

Wearing heavy makeup to the office may not be everyone’s cup of tea. This is why applying a coat of lipstick to your lips with some eyeliner and mascara, is the perfect way to look presentable and put together. Lipstick shades for office need to be muted and also add some colour to your lips. A chocolate brown or mauve can be the perfect pick for the office every day. Opt for creamy lipsticks as they will last through the day while being comfortable. If you prefer liquid lipsticks, make sure to apply some lip balm to prep them.

While choosing your makeup, it is imperative to pick the right shade for every product. Here are a few tools by Maybelline New York that will help you make the right choice.

With the Maybelline Foundation Finder tool, you can virtually shade match yourself and find the right shade of foundation, concealer and powder.

With the Maybelline Virtual Try On tool, you can try out different products from our wide catalogue and create various looks. You can virtually try out several products and buy the ones you like.

The Maybelline Lipstick Finder tool is the perfect tool to choose your perfect lipstick shades. You can try lipsticks in different shades and undertones and pick your match!

Lipstick is a makeup product that is loved by all. We love to own multiple shades of lipstick and mix and match them. You can wear them bare-faced or pair them with your face and eye makeup looks.

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