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Raksha Bandhan Makeup Look

Rakshabandhan Makeup

The celebration of Raksha Bandhan marks the start of the season of festivities. Raksha Bandhan is usually an intimate family celebration that celebrates the bond between a brother and sister. But even a small home celebration calls for a simple glam Raksha Bandhan makeup look. We bring to you a quick and easy makeup look that is sure to make you look beautiful as always while adding the perfect touch of glamour.

1. Eye makeup

A very light eye look is perfect to set the tone of your entire subtle glam. Start by applying some primer to your lids, that will help in a smooth eye makeup application. A couple of minutes after applying your primer, you can begin placing your eyeshadow. For a simple Raksha Bandhan eye makeup, you can play with neutral colours for your eyeshadow. A brown base with flecks of dull gold will be perfect for the occasion.

Take a matte brown eyeshadow closest to your skin tone and buff it across your lid. Take a darker brown eyeshadow and place it on your crease. After blending it, you can take a golden shimmer from your glittery eyeshadow palette. Apply it to the centre of your eyelids and blend it ever so lightly. Blend it towards the outer corner of your eyes. This will create a beautiful halo eye look, which is the perfect eye makeup for Raksha Bandhan. After you are happy with the look of your eyeshadow, you can move on to the next step.

Take your eyeliner and create a very thin line across your eyelids. We would recommend keeping the wing thin and minimal, as it will complement the simple glam. Use your kajal to smoke out your waterline. Fill in your eyebrows and complete the look with coats of mascara. This will round up your Raksha Bandhan makeup for the eyes.

2. Face makeup

A minimal yet flawless Raksha Bandhan makeup look for the face, is perfect for this occasion. For your face makeup, start by using a pore minimizing primer. This will ensure your foundation and concealer glide on smoothly. Pick a matte foundation and spot correcting concealer that is the perfect shade for you. If you’re having trouble finding your perfect shade, you can use the Maybelline Foundation Finder Tool. This virtual tool will help you shade match perfectly, from the comfort of your home.

Apply a light layer of foundation and concealer and blend it well. If you want to add a slight glow to your base, you can mix a drop of strobing liquid with your foundation. This will help in giving your skin a pearlescent finish. The next step would be to slightly contour your face with a cream contour for adding some definition to your face. Make sure to blend it well to avoid it from looking too muddy. Set your base makeup with some powder. Use some blush to add colour to your face. Use your favourite highlighter to add glow to the high points of your face. Lock this beautiful Raksha Bandhan makeup look in place with a few spritzes of setting spray.

3. Lip makeup

It’s time to add some colour to your lips. With this simple eye and minimal face makeup, you can experiment with your lip colour as per your liking. As a finishing touch to your Raksha Bandhan Makeup, you can opt for a light pink or nude lipstick or even choose a deep plum or red shade.

If you are in the mood for something muted and light for your Raksha Bandhan makeup look, you can choose a pink toned nude. A ‘my lips but better’ lipstick shade will be the perfect match. If you are looking for a deeper colour option, you can choose deep wine, maroon, or red lipstick. It will elevate your look and add depth and definition to your pout. If you want a lipstick option that is between the two colour families, you can opt for a chocolate brown or a brown toned nude.

Since the face and eye makeup for this Raksha Bandhan makeup look is so minimal, you have the creative freedom to choose a lipstick of your choice. If you’re unsure of what shade will suit you the best, you can use the Maybelline Virtual Try On tool. With this tool, you can try different lipstick shades from the comfort of your home. It enables you to virtually try on a wide variety of shades of different products and choose which one you want to buy.

Once you have decided on your lipstick shade, use a lip liner to line your lips first. Use a lip liner that is closest or lighter to your lipstick shade. Apply an even layer of lipstick across your lips. And voilà, your Raksha Bandhan look is ready for an intimate at-home function.

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