How to achieve a minimalist makeup look

Minimalist Makeup Look - Maybelline India

Nothing makes a statement like effortless beauty. So, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the minimalist makeup look is still a staple in 2024. While dramatic makeup fits well for some occasions, this trend plays out perfectly while trying to create a subtle, natural, everyday look.  


The routine only requires a few essential decluttered products, making it seem like there isn’t much to acing this minimal makeup regime. However, the true blues of the beauty community will tell you otherwise. Well, we’re here to clear the confusion and help you get a flawless minimalist makeup look. All you need to do is find the ideal lightweight products to build a smooth makeup routine and you’re good to go. 


Here we’ve listed 7 easy steps that can be your daily guide to minimal makeup for beginners. Jump right in to get the chic ‘no makeup’ makeup face which everybody wants to be spotted in: 

Step 1: Prep and tint

We already know that foundation, the base layer of your face makeup, is the first step of most routines. But the minimalist makeup look switches it up a notch. When it comes down to minimal makeup look - no foundation should be your motto. It is best to trade them in for lightweight makeup + skincare skin tints for an everyday minimal makeup look.  


If you wish to make it simpler, you can even invest in a lasting dewy primer or matte primer and start layering the rest of your makeup over it. These products can perk your skin right up without overshadowing your natural features. Letting your freckles or a natural flush peek through adds a great touch to your overall look. 

Step 2: Conceal

Finding a concealer that perfectly blends into the hues of your skin is paramount. Dab on a few drops only on the select areas you wish to conceal. Make sure that you use good brushes or sponges to blend it well with your natural skin tone since there is no foundation under this layer. If you are a savant or can learn your way around makeup, colour correctors with orange and yellow undertones can also be a great addition to your minimal makeup routine.  

Step 3: Add gentle colours

Your face is now perfectly primed into a ‘clean girl’ look, but adding a few strokes from a natural pink blush palette is what makes your face look naturally flushed and pinched. Working in a faint touch of a creamy Fit Me Improved Mono powder blush also brings out an overall radiance in your face, making it appear  young and healthy. These fine touches also work best with occasions set in natural lighting. So, if you are looking to go natural on an outdoor wedding, a blush can be your best friend for a minimal bridal look. 

Step 4: Enhance your features

The minimalist makeup look is all about enhancing your face shape and bone structure. Using the correct amount of contour to sharpen your cheekbones, your chin, and your nose can bring out the best in your own unique features. To add a slight lift to your cheeks, you can always use a bit of luminous powder highlighter on top of your cheek bones. Mixing it with some weightless moisturiser before use is a great minimal makeup hack.  

Step 5: Lucid eyes

Even the focal point of your face, your eye makeup, need to be kept simple when it comes to a natural look. The secret is to not go heavy with an eye shadow and do the maximum work with a brow cream pencil itself. You can use a coloured eue liner penceil to draw into your brows and enhance its natural shape.  


A great mantra for the minimalist makeup look is curling your lashes and using a light, non-sticky mascara to give them a natural yet dense appearance. Lastly, if you cannot let go of your South-Asian beauty traditions, then a light line of kajal on both lash lines can also tie together your minimal makeup look for brown skin. 

Step 6: Lip lining

It is way too tough to resist a show stopping bold red lipstick. But these shades might create some imbalance if au natural is your central theme. Going for nude lipstick shades in matte, creamy textures is a promising choice for a minimalist makeup look. A great trick is to line your lips with a darker colour of brown and paint over with skin neutral tones. Blending the two with a lip balm is also a sure-fire way to ace an effortless lip makeup tying together the whole face. 

Step 7: Seal it away

Sealing the whole look with a light face powder beneath your eyes and around your nose can be the simplistic last touch needed for your makeup. Setting the whole look with a mist or a setting spray is a no brainer! 


Whether you have come looking for a simple minimal makeup look for beginners or even a memorable minimal makeup look for brides, this 7-step routine is a surefire way to ace the assignment. Finding the best products in the right shades what binds this regime together. 


If you are unsure of what shades suit you the best, Maybelline’s Virtual Beauty Studio is a great way to try on hundreds of options without having to leave your bed. The Maybelline Virtual Try On tool is a great way to find your perfect eye, lip, and face makeup without the trouble of applying and cleansing every product. The Maybelline Foundation Finder can also help you understand the right products for your skin shade while giving you a little something for your non minimal days. With these hassle-free solutions at hand, you can jump right into this trending routine and look the best version of yourself every day!