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Here's your perfect guide to ace makeup for mothers!

Makeup For Moms - Maybelline India

Mom’s are usually on the go and super busy in making sure stuff is done. They barely have any time left to get dolled up or groom themselves. Which is why Mother's day is the perfect excuse to shower them with love, kindness and some makeup! It is time to take them out for a nice meal, choose the perfect outfit and do their makeup for them! Makeup for moms can get a little tricky as they have mature skin that needs a different approach. We are here with tips and tricks that will surely help you ace your mothers' makeup and impress her with your impressive skills. Also, make sure they learn these tips as well, as they are sure to enhance their beauty and make them look like a queen!

1. Prep your skin well:

While doing makeup for mothers, it is very important to take their mature skin into consideration. Face makeup on skin with fine lines and wrinkles can tend to look cakey if not done right. You can avoid this by making sure your mothers skin is well prepped. Start by using a serum or moisturiser. After a few seconds, use a pore filling primer on their forehead and t-zone. Using a primer will create a smooth canvas and help you perfectly do your mother’s makeup.

2. Opt for minimal face makeup:

Layering too many products can tend to make face makeup for mothers look cakey. It is best to use less products for their base makeup. Unless it is a big occasion, moms can skip out on using foundation. For their daily routine, they can use a concealer to cover any pigmentation they have. Start by applying concealer under the eyes, around your nose and on any spots you may want to cover. Make sure the product is well blended to create a perfect base makeup for mom!

Along with blending it well, using the right shade of concealer is very important. The Maybelline Fit Me Finder and Foundation Finder tool can help you find the perfect shade of foundation, concealer and powder

3. Fill in eyebrows:

Even if your mothers are in a hurry, make sure this is the one makeup step they do not skip! Filling in the eyebrows helps frame the face and make one look very put together. You don’t need to darken their eyebrows too much. Simply adding light strokes with an eyebrow pencil will change the look of your mother’s makeup!

4. Monochrome eyes and cheeks:

Getting late for your Mother’s Day brunch? We have another tip that is perfect for when moms are in a rush. Opt for monochromatic eyes and cheeks using the same matte blush to add some colour to your cheeks and eyelids. This will create a soft Mother’s Day makeup look and add life to the skin! You just need to make sure everything is well blended and they’re good to go!

4. Shimmery eyeshadow:

Creating elaborate eyeshadow looks can be a little too much for an everyday makeup look. While doing eye makeup for mom, it is best to keep it simple. For eyeshadow, you can simply use some shimmery eyeshadow across the lid. This will add the right amount of glamour to the look! You can complete the eye look by adding some mascara and a thin line of eyeliner.

If you are unsure of how certain eyeshadow colours may look on your mom, you can take help from the Maybelline Virtual Try On tool. You can virtually try out different products from the face, eyes and lips category and pick one that suits you the best!

5. Use some lipstick:

Lipstick is always a good idea! It ties the whole look together and adds a pop of colour. While doing makeup for mom, you can opt for nude or pink-toned lipsticks for the day. For the night, you can experiment with a deep red or maroon shade! Remember to line their lips before applying lipstick as it will ensure the lipstick doesn’t bleed.

Confused about which lipstick shade is apt for a Mother's Day makeup look? The Maybelline Lipstick Finder tool can come to your rescue and help you pick out the perfect lipstick shade based on the mood and the occasion!

6. Set the makeup, always!

Setting your makeup will make sure your makeup doesn’t budge through the day! Especially with mature skin, using a setting spray will ensure the makeup doesn’t settle into fine lines. After using some setting spray, with a wet sponge you can gently dab your mother’s makeup. This will mesh all your makeup together and make it look well blended!

With these tips and tricks you can create the perfect makeup for mom. We’re sure people will mistake her for your sister when you step out for your Mother’s Day celebration!

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