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Cheugy makeup trends to avoid!

Cheugy makeup trends to avoid!

If you’ve been scrolling through social media recently, you must have surely come across a virtual battle happening between Millennials and Gen Z. You’ll often see Gen Z referring to certain things as cheugy. Gen Z ruling over TikTok and taking over our screens, their trends have come to the limelight as well. If you’re wondering, “What is the battle about then and what is the meaning of cheugy ?”, allow us to explain.

What is cheugy?

We’re sure you’ve googled ‘cheugy meaning’ after coming across it for the first time. People belonging to Gen Z have started to pick up on Millennial trends that are very last season and terming them as ‘cheugy’. The term went viral on Tik Tok and has left the internet divided ever since. Cheugy, pronounced as chew-gee, has left several millennials questioning their aesthetic and style. But what does cheugy mean? This term is used to describe any trend that has reached its last breath and needs to go away immediately. These outdated trends are most followed by millennials that have been practising them for years. A great example would be Gen Z calling skinny jeans cheugy. Skinny jeans have been loved by several for many decades, but not anymore. They recommend wearing straight fit jeans instead.

This was one such fashion example, but there are several trends and actions that are very outdated and termed as cheugy on TikTok. A few makeup trends have also made it to the cheugy as per TikTok list, let’s find out what they are.

1. Dark eyebrows

The trend of having super dark eyebrows was very popular a few years ago. People went to town with a dark eyebrow pencil to replicate a dark eyebrow look. This trend is now in the past and termed cheugy. Instead of making your eyebrows super dark, try using a brown-ish eyebrow product and make it look super wispy and natural. Brush them out using a spoolie and draw very fine hair-like strokes. While choosing an eyebrow pencil shade, choose one that is a shade lighter than your brows. This will help them look natural. Instead, try the soap or bushy eyebrow trend if you want to stay on-trend with Gen Z.

2. Dramatic false eyelashes

Dramatic false eyelashes are so last season and for all the right reasons. Gen Z is more into minimal yet natural-looking eye makeup and over the top eyelashes just don’t fit the bill. They may look good for photoshoots, but in real life, they are a complete no-no. They make it seem like you’re trying too hard with your look making it cheugy. Instead, try coating your lashes with mascara. This will help add volume and length to your lashes while making them look fluttery and natural. The Gen Z police approve this trick as un-cheugy.

3. Cakey foundation

We’re glad that this face makeup trend is cheugy. Layering your face with multiple layers of foundation and concealer often makes it look very unnatural and cakey. This results in your base makeup looking fake. In the age of skin minimalism, there is no need to cake your face with three layers of foundation and concealer. Instead, pick a sheer or full coverage foundation that gives you a very natural finish. Apply a light layer at first and build it up if you need added coverage.

Choosing the right shade of your foundation and concealer is also very important. This helps it in looking more natural. If you are struggling to find the perfect foundation shade, use the Maybelline Fit Finder Foundation tool. With this tool, you can try several different shades from the comfort of your home and pick the one that fits you the best!

4. Overpowering contour

We all know the magic of contouring your face currently. It can make you look sculpted and define your face. However, overdoing your contour often makes your face look muddy instead of defining it. The best way to avoid this cheugy trend is by slightly bronzing your face for that subtle, yet everyday sculpt. This will make your face look sharp without looking too overpowering.

5. Blinding highlight

Another trend that we’re glad is termed cheugy. While we all love adding a healthy glow to your face, overdoing your highlight isn’t something that flatters you for an everyday look. Loading yourself with highlighter may look good on camera, but in real life, it looks chalky and unnatural. The best way to highlight would be to apply powder highlighter sparingly. Also, choose one that has fine shimmer and isn’t too glittery. If you’re using foundation, you can also use some liquid highlighter and mix it with it. This will give it a very natural and glow from within look.

Not sure about the shade of lipstick or blush? Use the Maybelline Virtual Try On tool, and say goodbye to the confusion. With this tool, you can try all the products from our catalogue virtually. You can try these products in real-time before making the purchase.

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