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4 ideas that will surely elevate your Lohri makeup look

Lohri Makeup Looks

Lohri is a winter folk festival celebrated on the day of the winter solstice, which is the shortest day of the year. It is a celebration of the harvest season, where people pray around the bonfire and show gratitude for their crops. A celebration that is full of life, laughter, and your loved ones. And no matter what the occasion is, it calls for dressing up and looking your glamorous best.  We are here with some amazing Lohri makeup ideas that will surely make you look like a ‘soni kudi’ this yourself. So grab your makeup pouch and brushes and create a stunning makeup look for Lohri.

1. Smokey eyes

Night-time festivities and smokey eye makeup go hand in hand. For your perfect Lohri makeup look, a smokey eye paired with nude lips is sure to steal the show.

• Start by prepping your eyes with some primer to create a smooth base.

• Apply a matte brown eyeshadow shade to add a base colour to your eyes.

• For the next step, whip out your kajal and draw a thick line on your eyelid. With the help of a small brush, blend out the kajal across your lid to create a smokey look.

• Once you have blended your kajal well, use the same brown eyeshadow to deepen your crease slightly. Blend all this well to eliminate any harsh lines.

• To add more drama to your Lohri look, you can apply some kajal to your waterline as well.

• Add some mascara to your lashes to complete your eye makeup.

After applying a light layer of face makeup, add some colour to your pout with your favourite nude lipstick shade. You can pair this smokey and dramatic Lohri makeup look  with your colourful Indian outfits!

2. Flushed base

If you are someone who preferes a dewy and light base makeup, then this can be an ideal  Lohri makeup look for you. Instead of loading your face with foundation,  opt for a more luminous and flushed face makeup.

• Start by using a dewy primer to add a slight glow to your skin.

• Dot foundation across your face and blend it out. Make sure you use very little product, to attain that luminous base.

• Give yourself a facelift with concealer and apply it under your eyes, by swiping it towards your temples.

• It is very important to choose the right shade of foundation, concealer and powder while doing your Lohri makeup. With the Maybelline Foundation Finder tool, you can virtually find the shade that fits you perfectly.

• To get that perfect flushed look in your Lohri makeup, apply some blush to the apples of your cheeks. Slightly dust it on your nose as well for a rosy appearance.

• Lightly contour your cheekbones and apply some highlighter to add glow to your base makeup.

• Spritz some setting spray to lock your Lohri makeup look in place.

To finish your Lohri makeup, apply shimmery shadow, eyeliner and lengthening mascara to your eyes. Apply your favourite lipstick and your ravishing Lohri look is ready!

3. Poppy lipstick shades

If you’re bored of the same old nude lipsticks, now is a good time for you to experiment with different shades! Opt for different shades of red, bright orange or poppy pinks, as they will pair perfectly with your colourful Lohri outfits. If you are confused about which lipstick to pick,  you can try the Maybelline Lipstick Finder tool to find a shade  that suits your occasion and mood. Virtually try the recommended shade with the Maybelline Virtual Try On tool and find your perfect lipstick shade for the day.

4. Colourful eyes

If you are in the mood to experiment with your look , try adding colour to your eye makeup.  This will make your eyes pop and also add a dramatic flair to your Lohri makeup look. You can either use green eyeshadow to create a colourful eye look, or  use blue or brown kajal on your waterline. This will add dimension to your eyes while making sure they do all the talking. If you want to draw more attention to your eyes, wear a  bindi. It will surely elevate your Lohri look.

These makeup ideas are celebrity-approved and sure to make you look beautiful.  So, pick up your makeup brush  start creating a stunning  Lohri makeup look with these ideas.

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