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An ultimate guide to choose your eye makeup based on your eye colour

Eye Makeup Based On Eye Colour

If you are a makeup lover, you will surely  love experimenting with your eye makeup. Doing your eye makeup is a great way of expressing yourself, and it also helps transform your entire look. From dabbling into neutrals to diving deep into sultry and sexy eyeshadow shades, your eyes can change the  way your dress up for any event. But have you ever considered doing your eye makeup based on your eye colour? Confused? Using colours on your lid that complement your eye colour help your eyes pop. While there are no rules to makeup, this is a great way to gauge which colours will best suit your eye colour. Here is a detailed guide of how you can choose your eye makeup, based on your eye colour.

1. Eye makeup for brown eyes

While most people with brown eyes tend to find them boring, it is one of the best eye colours when it comes to playing with makeup. Eye makeup for brown eyes can be as simple or as experimental as you would like. Brown eyes are like a blank canvas and you can choose any colour of your choice -

from deep browns, oranges to more fun colours like purple or pink! However, the best eye makeup for brown eyes is using a burnt orange-brown eyeshadow shade with flecks of gold in it. This will help bring out the warmer tones of your eyes and make them pop. Using a lengthening mascara and some eyeliner is sure to elevate the eye look.

2. Eye makeup for hazel eyes

Hazel eyes have light brown as well green tones to them. This gives them plenty of eyeshadow colour options to choose from. If you want to bring out the warmer tones of your eyes, you can choose a golden-toned eyeshadow. The warmth of the gold will enhance the brown colour of your eyes. If you want the green in your eyes to show, you can opt for paler colours like light pink or even a deeper purple. This will create a beautiful contrast and make your eyes appear bold. To complete your eye makeup for hazel eyes, add a volumizing mascara and a thin liner across your lids. This will open up your eyes and define them.

3. Eye makeup for green eyes

To elevate your beautiful green eyes with makeup, opt for warmer colours. Pale and cool-toned colours like blue can make your eyes look washed out and dull. To get the right eye makeup for green eyes, go for colours like deep purple, plum, camo, and terracotta. These colours will help bring out the green colour of your eyes. Since your eye colour is already bright, you can opt for deeper colours to strike a balance. To finish your eye makeup for green eyes, choose a brown eyeliner and some mascara. Using a brown-toned eyeliner will help your eye makeup look more natural instead of looking too stark.

4. Eye makeup for black eyes

Similar to brown eyes, eye makeup for black eyes is very versatile. Since black eyes have a deep look to them, you can add any colour to create a contrast. For a fresher look, you can use bright colours like pink, orange, blue and green. However, for a deeper look, you can choose cobalt blue, brown or purple. Use a black or blue eyeliner to sharply outline your eyelid  to complete the look. You can choose the style of eyeliner based on your eye shape.

5. Eye makeup for blue eyes

Blue eyes are the rarest eye colour, which add a pop of colour to your facial features. While doing eye makeup for blue eyes, it is best to venture into earthy tones, greys and taupe-coloured eyeshadow. These bring out the blue colour of your eyes and make them stand out. You can also venture into light green, lilac, coral, champagne and pink-coloured eyeshadow for blue eyes. These colours will accentuate the eyes, without drawing attention away from them.

• If you are unsure of which eye makeup products will suit your eye colour, the Maybelline Virtual Try On tool is perfect for you. With this tool, you can try out different shades of eyeshadow colours and experiment with your looks. You can browse through our wide catalogue of products and choose the ones that suit you the best. The other tools by Maybelline are:

• The Maybelline Foundation Finder tool that comes in handy when you are trying to find the perfect shade of base products for yourself. It helps you browse through multiple shades and pick out a shade of foundation, concealer and powder that fits you right!

• The Maybelline Lipstick finder is perfect if you are confused about which shade will suit you the best. With this tool, you can try different colours and finishes of lipstick and buy the ones you like the best.

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