Give yourself permission to practice self-care. Our experts partners have mentioned a few ways in which you can start, with a few simple steps. Take these as thought starters, and personalize them to your context.
  1. Feel Your Feelings

    Whether you choose to find vocabulary to communicate what you’re going through, notice how your body is responding, or engage in any activity to help you find your own voice doing a distressing time - Give Yourself Permission To Feel Your Feelings. Click here for a short guide by

  2. Ground Yourself

    Practice any activity that helps bring you to the present moment. You can read crowd sourced affirmations from people with similar experiences as you, paint, sing, spend some time with your pet or plant, meditate or do a mindfulness activity. This would help you snap out of a spiral of thoughts and feel less anxious to go through the day that follows. has created this resource to help you get started.

  3. Getting ample rest

    It’s important to get enough sleep for our mental health as well as our physical health. When we aren't well rested, we are more likely to feel irritable and stressed, and we may have difficulty concentrating or making decisions. Whether this means we take short naps in the middle of our day, decide to sleep in a little longer, or reduce the number of tasks we can do on a given day - listen to how much rest your body needs.

  4. Getting enough movement

    Exercise or movement can help contribute to your overall well-being. Whether it's stepping out for a walk, practicing yoga, dancing, or doing some light stretching - find any activity that gives meaning to you and that helps you access the kind of movement that your body feels okay with.

  5. Take up a hobby

    From reading a book or listening to a podcast, to painting, gardening or journalling - activities like these are deeply personal and can feel very therapeutic. The best part about a hobby is that you can practice them without any stress or compulsion to strive for perfection.

  6. Reconnect with nature

    Reconnecting with nature is a great way to take care of yourself both mentally and physically. Nature provides us with peace and quiet, helping us disconnect from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. It’s a place where we can relax and recharge ourselves. Sitting on plain grass, strolling through the park, petting a few trees, can all be tiny ways in which we reconnect with nature..

  7. Journal your thoughts

    Writing down our thoughts and activities can be a helpful way to process each day as it comes. For some people, journaling is a way to release emotions and organize their thoughts. For others, it can be a way to reflect on their day or track their progress towards a goal. You may also journal using doodles, colours, and symbols to make the practice more fun!

  8. Connect with people, animals, or places for self care

    Depending on your comfort level, a significant way to care for yourself is to connect or reconnect with people, animals, or even places that provide you a safe space and help you feel comforted.