KNOWLEDGE & RESOURCE PARTNER for BRAVE TOGETHER India. offers a curated list of inclusive mental health resources across India that you can choose from, when you’re in need of support.

    Once you recognize that you may benefit from finding support for your mental health, it can feel intimidating to know where to start. is here to make it easier for you, by curating an inclusive mental health ecosystem at your fingertips!

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  2. Sangath

    NGO Partner for BRAVE TOGETHER India.

    Sangath, is a not-for-profit committed to improving the mental health of people across all age groups by empowering communities and providing them with adequate support and resources for 25 years.

    As the service partner for Maybelline Brave Together India, Sangath is offering a toll-free tele-counselling helpline that connects you to trained counsellors between 10am - 6 pm. Learn more (link to section where helpline details are mentioned)

    Sangath works in the areas of
    (i) research to develop and test evidence-based psychosocial interventions to prevent and treat mental health problems,

    (ii) training to build the capacities of people and front-line workers to deliver these interventions, and

    (iii) to reduce stigma and increase awareness about mental health through the “It’s Ok To Talk” campaign."Sangath was adjudged as the Public Health Champion of India by the World Health Organisation in 2016’


    Support groups are safe spaces where you can connect with people who share similar identities and experiences as you. lists various online and offline support groups and group therapy gatherings that cater to various communities and mental health needs across India.

    Access a support group and learn more here.


    Looking to reach out to a professional?’s community of specially curated therapists care deeply about mental health and are dedicated to helping you take care of yours. Each of them is a qualified and trained mental health professional. You can find details about their independent therapy practice such as fees, qualifications, areas of expertise as well as their hopes, values and approach towards mental health.

    Find a therapist that you resonate with and reach out to them here!


    In partnership with Sangath, a 25 year old mental health non-profit in India, you may call the Sangath Helpline from anywhere if you’re experiencing any distress. The helpline is run by trained counsellors from Monday-Sunday, 10:00 a.m - 06:00 p.m. The counselors can speak Hindi, English, Marathi and Konkani, and provide an empathetic and non judgemental space to discuss any problem you’re experiencing.

    If the helpline is occupied, you will get a call back within 24 hours.

    Phone Number:011-41198666.


    Say ‘hi’ on the textline to access collated mental health resources at your finger tips.


    Want to understand more about mental health before you reach out for support? Blog can be a great starting point for you!

    Find stories, poems, articles & resources to guide you through your mental health journey. These resources are authored by users of therapy as well as mental health professionals. Blog is powered by a consent driven trigger warning system, so that you get to prioritize your comfort and mental health even while accessing their resources.

    Check out the blog here.


    Do you find reading uncomfortable or challenging?

    Why not listen to the content instead!

    As part of’s promise to make mental health accessible, they have launched audio “Narrations”. You can now scroll through their resources, while hearing the platform read the content out to you!

    Access audio Narrations here!


    Find engaging, informative and fun videos on various mental health topics by, that serve as thought starters in your mental health journey!

    Check out these video resources here.


    One day to Therapy is a small list of prompts and questions to help you ease into your first therapy session. This is an honest attempt by to reduce the intimidation and stigma that surrounds mental health care.

    The intention of 'One Day to Therapy' is to act as a supportive resource for any individual who feels hesitant, scared, intimidated, confused, or lost about starting or restarting therapy. The idea is to take some time to answer or reflect on the questions in this resource before you visit your therapist.

    Check out the free resource here: Click here.