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5 Creative Makeup Looks You Must Try For Portrait Shots

Creative Makeup Look

Portrait shoots are incredible pieces of art. In these shoots, the team plays around with concept, colour and light in a very creative manner. While doing these abstract shoots, your makeup plays a vital role in the final result, as your upper body is focused majorly. Creative makeup looks are super experimental and fun to conceptualize. You can play around with colours, finishes and tones to create a delightful result in the end. If you are looking to do a portrait shoot at home or get a professional one, here are a few creative makeup ideas that will surely tickle your fancy and help you look stunning as ever.

1. Graphic eyeliner

This is a creative eye makeup idea that is sure to add the perfect amount of edge to your look. Graphic eyeliners are a great way to experiment with bold eye looks. You can experiment with several graphic liner designs like a floating liner, open-ended liner or reverse liner. These creative eye makeup looks will elevate your ensemble and set it apart from the rest. Focusing on your eye makeup for a portrait shoot works wonders as it translates well in pictures.

To create the perfect graphic liner for your creative makeup look, prep your eyes with some primer and dust it with a nude eyeshadow Use a liquid eyeliner to draw precise yet bold lines. If you are a beginner, you can opt for a sketch liner while creating a graphic liner look, as it helps you get a better grip.

2. Wet look

A dewy and wet makeup look creates a beautiful effect while taking portrait shots. This is a very neutral and creative makeup look that packs a solid punch.

• To ace the wet look, start by prepping your face with a dewy primer. This will help your face makeup look seamless and help it stay all day.

• Next, take your stick highlighter and apply it to the highest points of your face. This will give you that perfect ‘glow from within’ look.

• Dot foundation and concealer all over your face and blend it well. While choosing your base makeup shades, it might get difficult to pick the right shades. This is why the Maybelline Foundation Finder tool is the perfect tool for you. It helps you find your perfect shade of foundation, concealer and powder from the comfort of your home.

• With your contour stick, sharply carve your cheekbones and jawline. This will help give you a snatched look.

• Apply some blush and highlighter to add a wet finish to your skin.

While emulating a wet look for portrait shoots, it is best to use cream products as they blend well into your skin. Keep it simple with the rest of your makeup, and finish it with some mascara and nude lipstick.

3. Bold lip

You can create an impactful picture with a bold lip look. You can let your creative makeup juices flow and play around with your lip makeup. For your lipstick, you can create an ombre lip look or a gradient one. If you are feeling particularly creative, you can use your lipsticks and create magic with lip art. If you are unsure of the shades you should pick for your lip makeup, the Maybelline Lipstick Finder tool can help you pick a shade that will fit your shoot mood board perfectly!

4. Smokey eyes

There's nothing like smokey eyes when you want to amp up your creative makeup look. A sultry and smokey eye will add drama to your portrait shots. If you want to opt for a classic smokey eye, use black or brown eyeshadow shades for the same. You can also play with colours and opt for shades like green, blue, yellow and pink. Depending on the mood of your shoot, you can choose your colours accordingly. Add some kajal and a bold eyeliner to complete your eye makeup look. If you are unsure of how the look will turn out, try the Maybelline try On tool that you can use to experiment with different looks virtually. This tool enables you to try various products from our wide catalogue from the comfort of our homes, so you can pick the ones you like.

5. Bedazzle your look

Adding rhinestones and embellishments to your look will add an element of bling to your portrait shoot. Simply bedazzling will elevate a simple look to a creative makeup idea. With rhinestones, you can make a liner or even use it to highlight your cheekbones.

Creative makeup is most certainly an art, and you can become an artist by trying the makeup looks suggested above. So, the next time you are headed for a shoot let your creativity flow and create beautiful looks.

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